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"Dropped Frames, Vol. 2" Update

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On Mike's stream today, he mentioned that while volume one of "Dropped Frames" is not even out yet, he has already mixed volume two and submitted it. He's now working on putting volume three together, with an estimated release time of about four weeks between albums. Finally, he confirmed that volume two will have a different cover as well.


Mike said about volume one, "I'll tell you the tracklisting, but a lot of it won't make sense to you. Just for those of you who haven't already seen it. The tracklisting is Open Door, Super Galaxtica, which is already out on your streaming services, Duckbot is the one that is kind of started with an electronic..., Cupcake Cake which is also known as the Bollywood Jam, El Rey Domonio which was the Mariachi Jam, Doodle Buzz, Channeling that has Dan Mayo.. this is actually Channeling part 1 because I made two things with Dan Mayo, Osiris which is also out right now, Babble Bobble, Session McSessionface, Neon Crickets, and the final track is gonna be Booty Down."


He added, "Very happy about putting that out. I have already mixed and delivered volume 2, so that will be out in a month or so. It will have 12 more songs, no vocals this time on volume 2, so in a month from now. And it will have a new cover, which you haven't seen. And you won't see until it gets released, or leaked, or whatever."

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53 minutes ago, martinez said:

Vol. 2 will be released on July 31.


next week? omg! cant wait for it

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