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Mike Shinoda Interview with NME

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On 7/10/2020 at 9:57 AM, erichoholic2k1 said:

I know the expectations of the LPL Community are high for a "Hybrid Theory" anniversary release, but after reading Mike's quote ("I don't want to hear his voice"), I wouldn't be surprised if it's almost like a "Best of LPU" compilation. Meaning we get the original album "remastered", and then a bunch of demos that have appeared on LPU albums, along with the B-sides from that era (High Voltage, My December). Nothing "new", at least to us, but to the masses, this is the first time the "In the End" demo, for example, is on streaming services.


I also seem to remember the listening party for "One More Light Live", and Mike not being able to listen to the whole album. Wouldn't be surprised if he or the band just let the label or someone else on the LP "team" select, edit and mix the tracks that made the cut. Same thing could easily happen here, where the only real involvement we get from LP is a generic letter from Brad or something as part of the "deluxe 20th anniversary release".


Mike's leak says this is not the case. We'll see what happens. It's leaning towards it being something epic that the band is involved in pretty heavily.

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