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Linkin Park "Rock 'n' Heim 2015" Highlight Stream

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39 minutes ago, LPLStaff said:


I don't think anyone should be upset it wasn't Rock n Heim, it was a misunderstanding, but not the biggest deal ever. We have plenty of music (+ Montebello 2015 highlights) coming this year too. 

Yeah. I mean, we have Garo’s audio. Which is so damn good that it’s borderline SBD quality anyway. We do have plenty of stuff coming. I’m glad they at least played some LP. If I were German I’d be happy to hear several songs by LP on the radio. I almost never get that where I live because there’s only one alternative rock station. The rest are top 40 🤮

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6 hours ago, DexLP said:

Apart from the wrong speculations that were made up here in the forum, I think it was a pretty good broadcasting.

I think the song selection was good given the fact that this radio station is one of the largest in Germany, with over one million listeners per hour. So, obviously the played the most famous songs of the band instead of some fan favs.


Interaction with the fans was great and LPLive even got a shoutout

The cool thing was that we were there listening to LP together ;) It was good 

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