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Mike Shinoda x blackbear Collaboration Coming Soon

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As if Mike didn't have enough music being released already in 2020, he is now also collaborating with blackbear on another new track, tentatively called "I'm Still Fucking Here".


You might have noticed that blackbear tagged Mike on his Instagram story earlier this month saying that he wanted to send Mike a new track to work on. blackbear and Aaron Harmon (who also worked on "About You" and "What The Words Meant" by Mike) sent Mike a guitar hook and vocal to play with, and then Mike went live via streaming yesterday, May 11th, to show fans his work on the track. Mike had blackbear call in via FaceTime to explain the track and his upcoming album before fans were able to watch Mike work on the track for several hours. When Mike finished his part of the track, he sent it back over to blackbear and his team so that they could continue work on it.


Mike said he wasn't sure if the track was going to be released or not at first, but once he talked to blackbear on FaceTime, blackbear explained that he thinks it could be an intro or an outro to his upcoming album. He said, "I have a new album this summer. It's coming out in two parts. I'm trying to squeeze this in somewhere, either it's like the intro or the outro or something like that of the sorts. It's a two part album - it's called "Everything Means Nothing". I think it's twelve songs. The first seven or eight are coming out in the next several months, we don't have a date yet but it's in the next several months."


Fans may remember blackbear for his previous collaborations, including "Sorry For Now" off of One More Light in 2017 as well as featuring on "About You" from Post Traumatic in 2018.


Stay tuned for more information on this track, which looks like it is slated for a release sometime this year.


Mike has his upcoming CoronaJams record coming soon to streaming services, as well as his "Open Door" single. Additionally, Linkin Park will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory with a release this fall.




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