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3 hours ago, LPsMart said:

but it does have a whole different mixing, doesn't it? (don't have the HT demo on me right now)

It's mastered louder in general (at least compared to the 9-track demo rip I have), but it doesn't really sound like the mix is otherwise different. Vocal/instrumental balance is a little different but that's to be expected with a different vocal track anyway.

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On 1/18/2020 at 4:22 AM, berryaaron11 said:

So, as of recently, the second version of "Rhinestone" with Mark Wakefield on vocals finally got uploaded on YouTube, Mark Wakefield sounds amazing here: 



This is definitely my fave version of the song. It sounds better than the demo tape version, but still has those raw vocals from Mark and I prefer the original lyrics too.

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