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[DL] Stone Temple Pilots - Irving Plaza, NY 4.27.15 (4 Song Jon Chattman Mix) - MP3

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Hello my friends! I discovered these four songs on YouTube awhile ago, and I figured I couldn't let them just rot on YouTube's platform. These are four (professionally?) mixed songs from STP's Irving Plaza show in 2015. Before anyone asks, no, these are not ripped from the webcast sources of this show that exist. I believe either Mr. Chattman himself got a hold of the multitracks recorded from this show and had someone mix them, or STP sent him the songs themselves. It's also possible that the mixes came from Yahoo's Live Nation as well. Unfortunately, I have no definitive clue as to where they really came from; I just know that they're here. Chattman did do an interview with the band on his channel, although the songs were not mentioned throughout the video. 


TRACKLIST (w/ YT links):


1. Vasoline

2. Sex Type Thing

3. Out of Time

4. Trippin' On a Hole In a Paper Heart



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2 hours ago, Garret said:

I still don't get to this day why Dean kicked out a fan during this show. I mean really.

From what I heard he was in the crowd trying to fight people? Not sure though. They are really lenient when it comes to fans though, they didn't kick this drunk guy off the stage, so I'd imagine he did something pretty wrong


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Yeah, you couldn't really tell from the webcast video why he kicked him out, but it makes sense if he was fighting people in the crowd and what not. And that video you posted is awesome. Chester had so much fun with STP and the shows were really cool.

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