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The 6 Unreleased DBS Songs

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Since the 10th anniversary of Out Of Ashes is coming up on October 14th, I wanted to make a thread to talk about this subject.


There have been two demo boards shown in the past that have had song titles on them. The first of which was shown on Julien-K’s website back in 2007 originally, but has been shown in various DBS videos from 2009, as well. Amir, Chester and Ryan have all said that the album was basically done by the end of 2005, and that they could have released it then if they had wanted to. This board is likely what the track listing was for that, especially since when the board was shown with the band again in 2009, it was 100% unchanged. Now let’s get to the meat of the songs.


Wall Of Sound


Hard Life



Now interestingly, if you go by the X marks on the board, there are columns up top which read vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc. Hard Life is the only one that has all of them checked off meaning it was a full song like the rest of the songs we know about that aren’t unreleased. Instrumental and Wall Of Sound only have guitar checked off so they likely weren’t very fleshed out at all and weren’t really ‘’songs’’ yet. Introutro had literally nothing checked off so I’m thinking maybe it was an idea for some kind of outro to the album that they hadn’t yet written or maybe they wanted to write one at some point, etc. Back to Hard Life, we don’t know if it’s a possible demo title for CBI, Too Late or EOTW, or just it’s own song. IOM and Condemned were written in 2008/2009 while they were working with Howard and this demo board picture pre-dates all that. Since this demo board was shown again in LPTV in 2009 and all the X marks were still the same, it probably means that Wall of Sound, Instrumental and Introutro were never finished, etc. when they picked up the project again with Benson. Again we don’t know if Hard Life was a demo title or what so it’s possible that song made it and was worked on, and it’s possible it wasn’t. Interestingly enough, I just realized that when the 2007 board was shown again in 2009 during LPTV, Hard Life was completely erased from the board while the rest was untouched. So was the song repurposed for something else? Maybe JK?


Split Personality

Evil Twin


Now for these two songs, we don’t know much because they only appeared in one shot during LPTV for OOA in 2009. They are likely full songs since they made it that far in the process but nothing else is known regarding them and it’s the only piece of evidence we have that even knows they exist.


Now, I know Amir was asked what these song titles were on FB at one point. He said he thought they were all songs that never got finished. Well, of course, since none of them appeared on OOA. However, he wasn’t really asked in depth about these 6 songs. I feel like if we asked Ryan or Amir and presented them with this thread so they could read about it, they might give us more info. We might even be able to get them released if we try. Cmon guys, let’s do it!


 LPTV showing the demo board JK also put up in 2007. 



Video showing the demo board posted by JK to their site in 2007 once again.



Chester says he wrote IOM, Condemned and re-wrote Fire all at the very end of working with Howard.




Video showing the demo board with Split Personality and Evil Twin.

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On the demo board posted by Julien-K in 2007, a tracklisting was shown. At the top of the board, there are tally markers for vocals, guitar, etc. Vocals were not recorded for Wall Of Sound, Instrumental or Introoutro. So I don't think those ever really went anywhere, at least they didn't feature Chester on vocals. However, Hard Life and In The Darkness are also on the board, which we didn't get with the DBS demo CD released last year. In The Darkness was released on OOA. Hard Life had to have been a demo title for Crawl Back In, Too Late, or End Of The World, or an entirely new song we haven't heard of before. Condemned and Inside Of Me were written in 2009 with Howard Benson so that rules those out. Early lyrics from a MySpace video were apparently from End Of The World in 2009, according to Amir. Too Late also had early lyrics shown during a LPTV clip. So that tells me it is either EOTW or Too Late.


Which one do  you think Hard Life is? End Of The World or Too Late? Can somebody PM Ryan and ask?

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