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[DL] Mike Shinoda 2019-03-05 Hannover, Germany (FLAC)

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Here's a nice recording released today by the taper and DIME's member stefler.  


Mike Shinoda 
Swiss Life Hall, 
Hannover, Germany 

Tour: Post Traumatic European Tour 

Equipment: Sony ECM 717 -> Sony PCM M10 @44.1/16bit 
Taper: stefler 
Location: left beside mixing desk 
Transfer: MicroSD wave-file> PC > Adobe Audition 3 > Normalize > Track splitting > TLH > flac (level 😎

Setlist (with help from setlist.fm) 

01 Welcome (Fort Minor song) (Extended Intro) 
02 Make It Up as I Go 
03 Castle of Glass (Linkin Park song) 
04 Hold It Together 
05 Mike Speech #1 
06 When They Come for Me (Linkin Park song) 
07 Roads Untraveled (Linkin Park song) 
08 Mike Speech #2 
09 Prove You Wrong 
10 Ghosts 
11 Mike Speech #3 
12 Sorry for Now (Linkin Park song) (w/ Hands Held High verse 1 & Drum Solo) 
13 Crossing a Line 
14 Mike Speech #4 about piaono lessons 
15 Waiting for the End / Where'd You Go 
16 Mike Speech #5 about Keith Flint/Prodigy & Chester 
17 In the End (Linkin Park song) 
18 About You / Over Again / Papercut 
19 Encore break: 
20 Introduction (Fort Minor song)& Petrified (Fort Minor song) 
21 I.O.U. 
22 Mike Speech #6 
23 Remember the Name (Fort Minor song) 
24 Good Goodbye / Bleed It Out (Linkin Park song) 
25 Running From My Shadow 
26 A Place for My Head (Linkin Park song) w/ Don Bronco on stage 


Total Time: 1h35min56sec. 


Dedicated this recording to all LP fans worldwide. 
R.I.P. Chester 4ever. We miss you every single day. 

As always, please 

-Do not sell this recording. 
-Do not alter this recording or convert to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your ears only. 
-Support the band by attending shows and purchasing official releases. 




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