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2019.03.06 - Oberhausen, Germany


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The Post Traumatic Tour's final leg is under way, and it's fourth stop is taking Mike Shinoda and company to Oberhausen, Germany at the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen.


Mike and the crew have kicked the tour off with a five show run in Germany, and Oberhausen is the fourth stop. Mike performed in Hannover yesterday, bringing quite a show. Opening with 'Welcome,' Mike started things off with a nice alternative run of 'Make It Up As I Go' and 'Castle Of Glass' following it. The show came with some nice surprises: 'Prove You Wrong' returned after debuting in Bremen the show before, this time during the main set after 'Roads Untraveled.' After Dan Mayo's drum solo in 'Sorry For Now,' Mike threw in a verse for the first time on tour: this time, it was verse one of 'Hands Held High' - the first time he's used the song over the bridge (and the first time since since San Fransisco, California where 'Hands Held High' showed up in a setlist - verse two was mashed up with 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love' at this one). The show closed with a surprise 'A Place For My Head' performance, with Don Broco onstage helping with the heavier parts. An awesome show from start to finish - as usual!


Mike hasn't played a show in Oberhausen in a few years. The only time he's played there was in 2014, during The Hunting Party European Tour. This show was filmed as a test, as the band planned on filming their show in Berlin a few days later in 4K for a live release. This show featured many songs fresh off of The Hunting Party, including 'Guilty All The Same,' 'Final Masquerade,' and 'Rebellion.' Austin Carlile, formerly of Of Mice & Men, joined the band for 'Faint' as well. A pretty solid show all around, but Oberhausen is definitely ready for more.


At this point, we should be ready for anything. Mike noticed the crowd reaction when he responded to a fan in Hannover who shouted for 'No Roads Left' - maybe if enough people start pushing for it, the song will finally be performed live! A handful of Post Traumatic songs have yet to make a debut, too: 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore,' 'Brooding,' 'Promises I Can't Keep,' and 'Can't Hear You Now' (plus, 'What The Words Meant' and 'Waiting For Tomorrow' still have yet to be seen). 'Place To Start,' 'Watching As I Fall,' 'World's On Fire,' and 'Lift Off' have all yet to make an appearance, too. As far as other songs from previous tours goes, 'Kenji,' 'Invisible,' 'Cigarettes,' 'Sharp Edges,' 'High Road,' and 'Iridescent' haven't made an appearance yet, either. Will we see anymore debuts this tour? Will old songs return, or will Mike bring some new ones to the table, too?


Who's going to the show? Mike has one more show in Germany (in Hamburg) before heading out into the rest of Europe, with shows coming up in Paris, FranceLondon, England, and Budapest, Hungary. The music video for 'I.O.U.' dropped recently, featuring footage from the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour last year. The music video for the new Chester Bennington collaboration with Mark Morton, 'Cross Off,' recently dropped, too!


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