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Download: 2018.08.11 Incheon, South Korea [AUDIO FLAC]

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Three shows into the Asia Tour and nine shows into the world tour, we have a full audience recording of a Mike show already. This is a recording of Mike's show in Incheon, South Korea opening for Nine Inch Nails at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival.


We'd like to extend a massive thank you to our good friend Ryan from NIN Live for obtaining this recording for us, and to BlueHeaven_T for recording it.



01. Welcome

02. Castle Of Glass

03. Ghosts

04. Roads Untraveled

05. Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go

06. Crossing A Line

07. In The End

08. About You >

09. Over Again >

10. Papercut (all one file)

11. Make It Up As I Go

12. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out

13. Remember The Name

14. Running From My Shadow


Show Page

Download: 16 Bit FLAC / 24 Bit FLAC


Visit NIN Live if you would like to download the Nine Inch Nails recording as well, which we highly advise since the setlist is awesome and the band kicked ass. Now if we could just get Mike to tour with Nine Inch Nails, we'd have way more recordings to enjoy, ha.


Thanks Ryan and Blue! Hopefully more recordings show up of the tour as it progresses.

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