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Good Goodbye Demo (Leak)

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For clarification, the verse on this demo isn't a "slightly altered" version of the verse from the live version - on the rare occasion that Mike actually rapped the verse correctly on the live version without mixing up some lines with lines from the first verse, it is word-for-word identical.

For example, in the rehearsal video, it's identical except for the second-to-last line, where he switches it up halfway through and repeats part of the second-to-last line from the first verse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdbIJXWfwCY

But in this video, while he mixes up the order of two lines in the middle part of the verse, the second-to-last line is now identical to what it is on the demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkKfi7WMukg

Mike just CONSTANTLY screwed this verse up during live performances.

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This is great, I guess I prefer the song this way, even the keyboard sound in the last chorus is good. Only the mix is lacking of course. I really don't care about the source, we had an In The End demo online before they put it on the LPU cd, the Crawling one was never officially released and it's out there. There's also She Couldn't, the list goes on.

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I am a bit late on this but wow, I wasn't expecting to see this tbh.


​I'm actually surprised by everyone's reactions. It's obviously an early mix, it's a lot lighter / simpler in the synth and drums. For as much as I didn't enjoy Good Goodbye when it first came out, I have since come to enjoy it but didn't really feel that Pusha fitted the track that well. I thought Stormzy's flow and verse on the track come off really nice. This is coming from someone who is a long time Pusha fan as well.

It's certainly interesting to hear, and even more interesting that it got leaked. I don't think we've had any modern era demo leaks at all, have we?

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