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Linkin Park Update Hollywood Bowl Broadcast


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If you've been watching Linkin Park's legendary performance/tribute to Chester from October 27th, over and over, you might have noticed that the webcast feed has been upgraded significantly. With so many guests, extra gear, etc... it inevitably was a monumental task getting everything mixed perfectly on the live feed in real-time. Thankfully, the band has gone back and edited/cleaned up the broadcast for fans.


Several of the biggest glaring issues have been fixed:


- Oli Sykes's vocal track issue. During the broadcast, Oli's actual in ear monitor playback track was used instead of his live vocal. The live vocal was indeed live at the show, but those viewing the webcast accused him of lipsyncing, etc... which was clearly not the case.


- Audio mix overhaul. The crowd was about .5 seconds behind on the feed, which was quite noticeable on songs like Numb, In The End, the bridge of A Place For My Head, etc. The crowd is actually in sync now.


- Video angle edits. Along with removing 15 minutes of blank space before the video (so it now starts on time), new video angles are used in a few parts of the show (The Messenger, Faint, Numb, etc). The video quality overall is improved, with some color correction, etc being edited.


We know you have all watched it a thousand times... but the updates provide a much better experience watching it. Check it out! Thanks to Thomas for the heads up!

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Yeah, i'll stick with the satellite mp2 feed for that one and also for Waiting For The End... I don't like the way Steven and Sidney sound together... the feed kinda buried S.


Who is ''S''? Both of their names start with the letter S. LOL.

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