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Video: Grey Daze @ Warner Bros. Private Showcase

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LESTAT, our Grey Daze expert, just released a previously unknown show through the band's official Facebook page. This is a very interesting piece of history as the band was playing a private showcase for Warner Bros. Records, the same label that would sign Linkin Park in 1999. While the exact date is unknown, it probably happened sometime in late 1996 because Chester mentions the band was working on their new album with a tentative release date for January. As we know, the band started pre-production for the album on December 3rd, 1996. It's interesting to note that "Wake Me" and "Morei Sky" were also initially considered to be rerecorded for ...No Sun Today, but when that didn't happen and the album was finished, those songs were dropped from the setlists right away.




01. Wake Me (Bobby/Mace Version)

02. Hole

03. Drag

04. Sometimes

05. Soul Song

06. What's In The Eye?

07. In Time

08. Morei Sky (Bobby/Mace Version)

09. B12

10. Just Like Heroin (A Little Down)

11. Anything, Anything (Dramarama cover)

12. Saturation


Click "Show" for Grey Daze material posted by us in recent years:

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