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2017 Tickets

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Hey everyone, we're back looking for tickets to add to the 2017 show pages.

You can take a quick glance at the touring year pages and see what shows we have tickets for. Thanks to you over the past few years, we have over 650 show tickets on LPLive.

We want YOUR tickets (preferably scanned, but a good quality picture does work) for the show pages. We are asking now before the North American tour starts since many of you have your tickets already and they will be in mint condition. We are halfway through the European Tour and don't have almost anything from Europe either. *Please note that we are not posting anyone's tickets until AFTER the show has been completed (to eliminate any risk/hazard).

Please submit your images to us via email at pics(AT)lplive(DOT)net.


Shows we need ticket scans/pics for:

05.19 Las Vegas
05.22 iHeartRadio
06.09 Download Paris
06.11 Aerodrome Prague
06.12 Berlin
06.14 NovaRock
06.15 Impact Krakow
06.16 I-Days Monza
06.18 Hellfest
06.20 Amsterdam
06.22 Download Madrid (scan)
06.24 Hurricane
06.25 Southside
06.27 Telekom VOLT Sopron
06.29 Bravalla Norrkoping
07.01 Rock Werchter
07.03 London O2
07.04 London Brixton
07.06 Birmingham
07.07 Manchester
07.27 Mansfield
07.28 Flushing (Blinkin Park)
07.30 Hershey (Blinkin Park)
08.01 Camden
08.02 Bristow
08.05 Uncasville
08.07 Clarkston
08.08 Toronto
08.10 Montreal
08.12 Cincinnati
08.14 Tinley Park
08.15 St. Paul
08.17 Charlotte
08.19 Tampa
08.20 West Palm Beach
08.22 Houston
08.23 San Antonio
08.25 Dallas
08.26 Oklahoma City
08.30 Phoenix
09.01 Lake Tahoe
09.02 Las Vegas
10.14 Seattle
10.15 Vancouver
10.17 Fresno
10.18 San Jose
10.20 Chula Vista
10.22 Los Angeles


Other things we are taking:
(LP, DBS, JK, FM, any band we cover on LPL)
- Show pictures
- Ticket scans/pictures
- Upgrades of pictures we already have on the site
- M&G wristbands, VIP wristbands, GA pit wristbands, any kind of wristbands or passes
- Show posters
- Anything that we don't already have on LPLive that has to do with the show

We will ask again once the tour is over since people accumulate passes/wristbands/etc at the shows as well. Thanks everyone!

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Can't tell.. Did I send the southside ticket to the right email address? cause it says southside is received but there's no pic on the gig page :o

We have to actually add the picture to the page lol. It'll be up there soon.

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I've mailed 2-day and 3-day tickets for Download Madrid as well as my wristband. I'll ask a friend who bought a ticket for the LP day to send me a pic of her ticket or send it to you.

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