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Downloads & Requests Forum Rules

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Updated May 18, 2014

Prior to posting in any Downloads & Requests forum, please read over the following rules!

Downloads and Requests Rules:

1. Downloads and Requests may be posted by any user, however, for all thread topics PLEASE please PLEASE post according to the following format so that the threads can be organized:

* For instance, if I were looking for the Camden 2008 audio, my thread title would look like this:

[REQ] 2008-07-19 Camden, NJ (FLAC)

The first post should further identify the show, giving as much information as possible if multiple sources exist.


* If I were offering the same show for people to download, the thread title would look like this:

[DL] 2008-07-19 Camden, NJ (FLAC)

Again, the first post should further identify the show, giving as much information as possible if multiple sources exist, especially if this is a brand new source circulating for the first time.


In your thread title, please identify the format of the audio or video you're requesting or uploading including but not limited to the following: FLAC, SHN, WAV, MP3, DVD, DVDRip, MPEG/AVI, Divx, MP4, etc.

Downloads and Requests that are made without the correct formatting will be edited or deleted by the staff. No exceptions!


Do not post links to officially released media files or ask others to post such links. See "Media Rules" section below for details. Failure to comply will result in appropriate action taken by the staff.


Media Rules

1. Audio or video released by Linkin Park including:
Publicly released demos, including those distributed on mp3.com, hybridtheory.com or linkinpark.com in the band’s early days;
Excerpts or snippets of songs released or distributed on linkinpark.com, mikeshinoda.com, MySpace, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc;
Remix stems from official remix competitions, like with ‘Bleed It Out’, ‘Guilty All The Same’, etc.
Instrumental tracks as released via promotional or radio CD. Excludes the official Hybrid Theory album instrumentals;
MTV2’s Reanimation music videos;
LPTV episodes prior to 2007 and not including the full LPTV episodes from 2007 which were sold on iTunes (the short versions of the 2007 LPTV episodes are ok);
Out of print releases of previous/related bands including but not limited to:
* Xero – Xero tape (demos)
* Hybrid Theory – Hybrid Theory EP
* Snax/Tasty Snax – Run Joseph Run, The Snax (self titled)

2. Fan made recordings in any audio or video format:
Unofficial recordings commonly known as “bootlegs” which are sold in shops and/or the internet but not authorized for sale by the band, it’s label or any other legal representative of them nor are commercially licensed by any other party or entity;
Remixes, alternate mixes or alternate edits of officially released tracks provided they are sufficiently edited so that a majority of the content differs from the official release.

3. Soundboard recordings:
Taken from webcasts, terrestrial or satellite radio recordings provided they require no subscription.
“Out of print” live soundboard recordings are allowed. For example, the Circuit City version with live songs from Third Encore is now longer in print and is unavailable to buy. These are allowed to be shared on the forum.
* In 5.0, the official sources on show pages are called “Source 0”. See specific rules in regards to what can and can’t be shared. A general rule of thumb is that if it is still available to be bought somewhere online or offline, it cannot be shared.

4. Proshot video:
Recorded from television, webcast or other broadcasts. Subscription events are allowed to be shared in the forum, like WOWOW Japan or MTV unless it is an online VOD service (see “not allowed” list below). Alternate sources of these pay-per-view events are allowed as well (webcast of a show that was on TV).

5. Alternate recordings of officially released materials (i.e. fan recorded audio or video from a live performance where a show was recorded officially and later released on CD/DVD by the band).
6. Interviews (audio or video) with band members, staff, etc except if included as part of any of the below (official release).


Not allowed:
1. Officially released audio or video of any band/artist in any format, in print or out of print (what is allowed is listed above), whether released for sale worldwide or to a limited area or limited to a certain number of pressings/units sold, including but not limited to:
Soundboard recordings (DSPs) released through downloads.linkinpark.com and/or sold at the merchandise booths beginning with the 2007 Projekt Revolution Tour;
* In 5.0, the official sources on show pages are called “Source 0”. See specific rules in regards to what can and can’t be shared. A general rule of thumb is that if it is still available to be bought somewhere online or offline, it cannot be shared.
* Shoutbox and forum are not places for illegal download links like links on Soundcloud and YouTube links or direct links to official material. STREAMING LINKS ARE ALLOWED, but no downloads!

Radio or television broadcasts or promotional CDs, where the content is the same as the official track(s) in question
* Including interviews where clips or officially released tracks are broadcast – these official portions must be cut out before they will be considered allowable.
Releases sold commercially as “Tribute to…”, “Unauthorized Biography of…” or those of similar content;
Songs, albums or videos sold on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody or any other online music retailer (that are still available for purchase);
Compilation CDs, DVDs or soundtracks.
Grey Daze tracks from Wake Me, No Sun Today and demos; Sean Dowdell & His Friends (demos)
The official Hybrid Theory album instrumentals;

2. Upcoming official releases announced by the artist or the label (aka album leaks, etc).
3. The audio of any performance used as the sound on officially released video material:
Recordings from another source than that the sound in the officially available material (i.e. radio broadcast of the audio from an officially released live CD/DVD);
Instrumental tracks as ripped from officially released materials including DVD menus or audio-only tracks from DVDs;
‘Multi-track’ instrumentals taken from officially released console, PC or Mac video games including but not limited to Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc (unless Linkin Park is doing it for a remix contest, which is allowed).

4. Video material whose audio portion has officially released content:
Official music videos (except the MTV2 Reanimation videos, which are fine);
Anime music videos (also known as AMVs).

5. Audio or video recorded from the LP Underground
Material distributed to fan club members as part of the membership package included in their club dues. LPU live songs are not allowed to be shared unless any of the songs become unavailable via the LPU website.

6. Audio or video of music-related content
Clips or excerpts of movies, films, television shows etc.

7. VOD (Paid video on demand)
Platforms that are not limited to a certain country. iConcerts, EVNTLIVE, etc (mainly the online concerts if they are sold). If most people can pay for it online, it is not allowed. HBO, WOWOW, etc (location-based) video IS allowed.

3. File formats

In an effort to keep the trading pool as clean as possible, we ask that every attempt is made to keep multiple versions of shows from being distributed. While we understand the need for mp3 or DVD rips, please don't post or request several different versions of the same show. We are talking about file formats...FLAC and mp3 are the most common versions. Some SHN shows are circulated we allow FLAC/mp3 of those. Just use common sense here.

4. Pick a reliable host

Try and pick a reliable host for your shows that you’re sharing… Many links expire shortly afterward and it’s a hassle to find someone to get the show reuploaded. This will happen every now and then but we ask for you to find some sort of host that will keep the file up for an extended period of time before you share the show.

5. Staff Renaming of Topics

Please note that once requests are filled by a member of the site, a staff member or moderator will change the [REQ] to [DL]. This is just to help members and staff alike separate from who is requesting material and downloads already made available.

6. Spamming/Multiple Requests

Please make only one request at a time rather than spam the boards with many requests at once. This will give everyone a fair chance to request materials fairly.

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