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A Look Back: Most Emotional Linkin Park Performances

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Inspired by last night's incredible rendition of One More Light at Jimmy Kimmel Live, dedicated to the late friend of the band Chris Cornell, we wanted to highlight a few other incredible Linkin Park performances.


First up, if you haven't seen it, here's the One More Light video from Kimmel. Mike had to say, "Mr @chesterbe poured every ounce of his soul into that performance of "One More Light" tonight on @JimmyKimmelLive for #chriscornell"



Next, there is the performance of Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent from Beijing 2015, where Linkin Park closed out their first stadium tour of China. This show was performed to over 66,000 people - one of the largest crowds at a headlining show in Linkin Park's career. You can see thousands of people holding up lights and tears in Chester's eyes....



And then there's the live debut of Breaking The Habit in the rain. The song was originally going to be in the LPU Tour 2003 setlist in February, but the song ended up not being debuted until October of that year. Chester in 2003 said that he recorded the vocals for the studio version on Meteora in just one afternoon, but that it was quite difficult because he kept breaking down crying in the studio.



What do you think? Do you have any other memorable videos?

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I think both Beijing 2015 and Smokeout 2003 he was sweating not actually crying but still, they were excelent perfomances. That OML perfomance is probably his best one yet, I can't think of another emotional moment now, maybe the show after 9/11 in Berlin? They were mad though, not necessarily crying.


Ugh, I wish that Smokeout proshot would come out someday.

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