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Good Mythical Morning - "Mmm Cookies Pt 2"

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Well here we have it, Mike and Chester's involvement for what is essentially a second part of the Mmm...Cookies joke release has now been released. Rhett and Link, an Internet comedy duo, joined up with Chester and Mike to test the effect music has on the taste of food. Yes, we know that sounds wacky.


It's essentially a long "episode". Check out the musical pieces in the video:



Lastly, there is a discussion afterward which can be viewed here:



Round 1, pt. 1: Volume correlates to flavor, the louder the music, the less flavor there is.
"Peel back the lid to the dotted line
Fill the cup to the inside line
Close the lid
Let it stand for three minutes
Remove the lid, stir well, and enjoy
Caution: Product is hot
Please: Handle with care
Caution: Product is hot
Please: Handle with care"
Round 1, pt. 2: Quiet
"There's a nuclear winter outside
Everybody's gone
And died
But I'm a lucky fellar
Long as I got you in my bomb cellar
The radiation's gettin' to me
Your blonde noodle hair is all I see
Cup O' Noodles
I only have 26 of you left
I'm one noodle closer to death"
Round 2, pt 1: Higher pitched music brings out the sweetness in food, lower pitched music brings out the sourness in food
"You're sour and sweet
And you stick my teeth
And you're shearing the flesh
From right off my mouth beef
By mouth beef I mean tongue
It's a weird thing I sung
But I couldn't think of a good rhyme
Oh Sour Patch Kids
You assault my mouth hole
It's a full fledged attack
On my teeth's enamel
Due to oral bleeding
My gums are receding
Oh boy!
What a wonderful time!"
Round 2, pt 2: Low end
"If there's Sour Patch Kids
and Cabbage Patch Kids
Where are the other kinds of patch kids?
I'm talkin' Pumpkin Patch Kids
Eye Patch Kids
Nicotine Patch Kids
Girl Scout Patch Kids
Patch-ouli Kids
Blue Jean Patch Kids
Letterman Jacket Patch Kids
Computer Software Patch Kids
We're all one batch
The world is our patch
Sing with me now!
We're all one batch
The world is our patch
So let's get together
And end global warming"
Round 3, pt. 1: The faster the tempo, the spicier the food. But slow tempo first.
"When I took a bite
Thought it would just be
For tonight
Can't get enough
Wish my insides
Were more tough
My fingers are stained
By your touch
My heart is stained
Twice as much
Your love is a flame
Should have known by your name
Flamin' Hot Cheetos"
Round 3, pt. 2: Fast tempo
"Chester Cheetah
reppin' Cheetos
70 miles an hour he goes
Tail like a rudder
Tough as a mudder
Can't milk him
He got no udder
This is song is fast
Cheetahs are fast
This is song is hot
Cheetos are hot
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
I like both a lot
This song is fast
Cheetahs are fast
This song is hot
Cheetos are hot
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
Cheetohs Cheetahs
That's his name"


People wanted crazy....now they have crazy.

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hmm...maybe the number 26 in the second song refers to 26 lettaz in da alfabet. The rest of the song is so ATS, lyrically speaking. The third song seems to be pretty deep (not because it's low pitched). The last song is so cheesy though.


I also want to add that it looks like it doesn't look like Mike is playing the guitar in the second song, his finger movements doesn't quite match what is played in the track. Even Chester's bass playing in the fourth song seems more realistic.


I also found out that the music might be taken from these sites:



Since they were credited in the video description as Wheel of Mythiciality Music and All Supplemental Music. In order to confirm that someone would have to listen through the songs on the sites, or ask Mike, Chester or the guys from GMM.

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