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Soon: New Single To Feature Kiiara, Music Video To Be Shot Next Week, & More!

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On Twitter, someone posted a theory about the latest picture: It has 28 fields (28 days in February) and the LPU logo is placed on the 13th, 'meaning' that the single will be released on February 13th....


I don't know about this


I don't believe in this theory. :P

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How did you get access to it?


I suppose this is the new single played acoustically, and sung very quiet as a way to hype us up for the actual single. This is probably what the demo of it sounded like before it was done into a genre

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Nevermind. I clicked on the LP website saw it and posted it, went on the website again and the website went back to its default " were working on a new album page ". So i edited this post thinking i clicked ona fansite lol.


So here it is then, piano version.

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Don't get me wrong, I love LP and they're still my favorite band, but I wish they would stop the bullshit of teasing everything they freaking do. If you have a song to share, just freaking post it. If you know the album release date/title, share it. I hate that they basically announce that they will make an announcement. They're a big act, no need to create hype for everything. /rant

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