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Linkin Park filming new music video


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If you've been following social media over the past few days, you have seen the Snapchats and more of Linkin Park working on a project (assumed to be a photo shoot) for the new album - here, here, and here.


A Los Angeles area photographer has confirmed that they are now shooting a music video.


There of course is no news on when we will get a single or music video, but we may hear something soon.


1/15 Update: Great find by LP Community.



"Before I called it a day, I headed to the 4th Street Bridge to get some drone footage with my DJI Mavic. I ran into some cool people, and even crossed paths with Chester and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. "


This guy Alfredo was flying his drone around the bridge of the Linkin Park shoot, and confirms near the end of the video that the director asked him if he could use some of his footage for the new Linkin Park music video.

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Just a fact: this photographer is actually from Moscow, Russia, she's just temporary working in LA for a month, and accidentally met LP today.

So, she's not working with them on that shoot - but she took a brilliant photo of the band, and probably she asked them (or someone in their crew), so if she said that it's a music video,not just photo shoot, I do believe her.

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This footage is from Breaking Bad special episode.

This is an epic post right here.


I noticed the hats too, they are kind of weird. I could see Chester wearing one since he has had crazy styles from the beginning. But Mike looks a bit weird in that style. I don't really think it's a country look. It's more indie/hipster to me.

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I called it that they were filming a video amidst the photo shoot. I'm not the most intelligible when it comes to photoshoots but all the location changes and production trucks they had on their Instagram story looked like more than a photoshoot to me.

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