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Fort Minor adds London show September 8th

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Good luck with that man! I don't live near any of his shows, so I'm really jealous of anyone who can make it. Have fun!

I think it will work out lol


I have Mike's signed skate decks and the Welcome deluxe cover thingie and have seen LP about 15 times but never been to a fort minor show.


It's crazy but I think I managed to find something that will work. I will have to take a train in the day to Birmingham and then check into the hotel and then head to London and get the train back to Birmingham getting back at like 2am and then the train to work at 6:30am to get in work for 10am it's doable this way! As hotels are cheaper and then I am travelling at least half way home after the show.


I saw the other shows only had set lists of around 45 minutes, does anyone know the start time as it says the it is 7:30-11:00, train home is at 11:30 with ten minute walk... Crazy crazy!


See you peeps there! LPU and LP Live FTW!

Scala's a rectangular room with the stage on a long edge. the balcony wraps around the sides from the sound desk at the centre. in short - a seriously good view of both the stage and the pit.somebody ought to put that information to good use..

ahh there is a good view from the stage?? I am sure lets do an LPL stage invasion!

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