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Fort Minor announces Copenhagen and Berlin shows

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Fort Minor has announced two European shows in August and September in the middle of the European leg of The Hunting Party Tour. These follow Mike's Fort Minor comeback show in LA, advertised as the "one man show." Like that show, these will be just Mike.

2015.08.26 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpehuset
2015.09.02 - Berlin, Germany - Kesselhaus & Maschinenhaus (Kulturbrauerei)

LP Underground members have access to an exclusive ticket pre-sale starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 7th at 10am local time. http://linkinpark.com/presale


Mike has performed at both venues before with Linkin Park. LP headlined Pumpehuset in Copenhagen on May 30, 2001 for Hybrid Theory on the US-to-Europe Tour, and the Minutes To Midnight World Tour started off at Kesselhaus in Berlin on April 28, 2007.


While Berlin has a Linkin Park show on September 3, 2015, the day after Fort Minor, Denmark will not see LP this tour. That show comes on an off day between the Rybnik, Poland show and the Minsk, Belarus show, the days before and after, respectively.


Who will be attending?

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Damn these 4am announcements, everyone went to bed at like 1-2am EST and bam 2 hours later an announcement.


Wow Denmark is interesting. I'm sure the UK people are pretty livid...no LP and now no FM. I thought they'd definitely do London.

Cool for Europe, this was expected for sure. Mike saying the tickets are "hard to get" and the shows will be "hard to get into, and announced at the last minute" seems to be a bit of an exaggeration since it's like 2 months until the shows, lmao.


I wonder if he'll stick to the same songs or play a few different ones.


And my final thought...I find it odd Mike takes Fort Minor to Europe and meanwhile LP can't even do an LPU Summit in Europe after Calgary got canceled. I'm sure Mike doesn't plan the Summits, but still.

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hard to get a ticket is relative.... in the Kesselhaus only 1000 people will get a ticket. I was there two times in the past. 2013 and 2015 I saw there Enter Shikari and this is a really great location for a FM show like Mike did in LA last week but i still hope that he will play a longer set than 45 minutes or at least a good support act will also at those shows. hopefully not a poor german hip hop act :D

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Germany... Boring.

why is it boring?


Germany is the most successful country on that planet for LP and were we complaining that we didnt get an Euro tour for Living things?!

And also LP will be the whole Euro tour in a hotel in Berlin like they did 2014 both tours, 2012, 2011 and 2010 and i hope that nobody will forget that an Euro tour without any date in Germany would only be possible if every ticket in other countries would cost 20 Euros more than now!


The nine shows last year were the main part and the shows in Amsterdam, Zürich, Paris, Wien and the three shows in UK were only extras. Of course LP had to stay one week longer in Europe and play 3 or 4 shows more. But they didnt... BUT it's not the guilt of the German fans...


And it's nice to see you again, Jonas :D

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It's boring 'cause Germany gets everything. What about other countries? I can't go to another country for a show. Especially if it's beginning of the school year... (+for me it's also beginning of the year in new school, I must be here in my country). If it would be a show in my country, I think I could go.

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I'm planning to attend the Berlin show, but im not sure if i should. Because the last show seemed really short. I need some motivation. It would cost me 5 hours to reach berlin for a 45 min show? Sadly i dont have enough money to attend the LP show next day :D

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Can somebody from Germany who is familiar with this ticketing operator (eventim) help me? I know that there's an english version, so the translation is not the question :)

UPD: got in contact with someone, thanks!

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