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STP: 2015.04.27 - New York, NY, Irving Plaza (+ Webcast)

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The Stone Temple Pilots Spring U.S. Tour is winding down as it approaches it's final week, but that isn't stopping the band from playing some AWESOME shows. On April 27, STP will perform in New York City at Irving Plaza, along with a livestream via Yahoo! Music (more info below).

And, yes. Chester's hair is pink.

Last night, Stone Temple Pilots performed a show in Montclair, New Jersey, proving that the band only got better throughout the tour. Chester marched out in the clothing you see up there in the picture (#DiscoChester, anyone?) and the rest of the band just as ready to perform an awesome show. I was there! I can personally say, STP put on one hell of a show. For those who haven't kept up with the setlists, here's what you need to know: the band added five new songs into the set that Chester hadn't sang on previously: "Lounge Fly" (the opener), "Pruno", "Coma", "Adhesive", and "Creep", as well as debuting "Pruno" and "Adhesive" for the first time ever! The show was very special for Robert and Dean - they were both born in Montclair! Fun fact: they grew up in Seaside Heights, which isn't too far form where I live! Small world! Memorable moments from last night's show include Chester's awesome screaming during "Sex & Violence" and going into the crowd during "Plush"! Keep your eyes out - I managed to record to full audio for the show and will be releasing it here soon!

As mentioned previously, this show will be webcasted! Yahoo! Music will be streaming the show as it happens live. Make sure to have your alarms set! Linkin Park's show on the Carnivores Tour in Camden, NJ last year was livestreamed via this platform, too (coincidentally, I was also there!). Check below for all the information you'll need to know.

With all the talks about Stone Temple Pilots, the opening band, Dreamers, seem to have been left in the shadow (and I'm not just saying that because I got a picture with them last night). In Montclair, the band played a great set featuring songs from the Dreamers EP including their single 'Wolves' and 'No Love'. They opened up big with 'Waste My Night', and even performed a brand new song for the first time: 'Black And White'! The concluded just as huge as they opened with 'Not A Love Song'. The band hails from New York, so this show will be somewhat of a homecoming for them! If you haven't heard of them before, definitely give them a listen!

Who's going to the show? Or, who'll be watching the livestream at home with us? After this show, the band has three more shows before completing the tour in Boston, Philadelphia, and West Palm Beach (respectively). One week later, Chester will be back with Linkin Park to perform at the 1st Rock In Rio USA (which will also be webcast!). Stone Temple Pilots will be back on May 16, when they perform at the WMMR*B*Q (replacing Bush) in Camden, NJ (a day before Linkin Park plays Rock On The Range in Columbus, Ohio! Go Chester!). Be sure to catch up with all the tour conversation in the STP Tour Thread. For updates on Stone Temple Pilots live, be sure to follow our STP account, @LiveSTP on Twitter!

Check out the rest of Stone Temple Pilot's touring schedule here.
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Since you often include much information in your posts,and since you mentioned that Chester's hair is pink, then you should maybe say the reason his hair is pink, is that it's his daughter's favorite color ;) So kind of him.


Fuck, the stream is in the middle of the night for me. Btw, I do really like the countdown idea, it's much easier and better than converting time, in my opinion.

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For me it's middle of the night, but I hope for person, who's going to record this show in mp3 and video! I would love live recording of STP with CB show. Chester sounds amazing with STP.

And people, who will be at this show: have a good time!

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Since you often include much information in your posts,and since you mentioned that Chester's hair is pink, then you should maybe say the reason his hair is pink, is that it's his daughter's favorite color


How did you find that out? That's interesting.

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AMAZING! Totally convinced me I have to go see them again this year. So much energy and this music just fits Chester's voice so well.


Besides that, Dean DeLeo wins MVP of the band for defending Chester!! He was really upset. I hate that idiots can't move on. Pretty clear Chester is here to stay, or at the least they'll never go back to Scott.


You guys have to watch. Wicked Garden, Pruno, Plush, Dead and Bloated. All just rock!

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Can someone describe the incident with all the details??


Originally we thought someone was yelling at Chester, because Chester literally said almost nothing about it and Dean and Robert absolutely exploded. Wow, Dean went over and tapped Chester on the shoulder mid-song, grabbed the mic and went off on a rant. A guy got kicked out and they said his friend was welcome to leave with him, lol. Chester said that guy paid to be there....


Today someone who was at the show told us the guy was being rowdy and trying to fight people, not yelling at the band.

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