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April-May 2015 Tour Thread

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I think the pre-show posts for this tour are getting a little... repetitive. Maybe it would be better to do a sort of Weekly Wrap-up post rather than one for each individual show, since there's not much variation.

But in the mean time...


The Stone Temple Pilots Spring 2015 tour is off to a great start! Tonight, the band concludes their final Californian show in West Hollywood, at the House Of Blues.

The band has been kicking ass this tour! We're only four shows in, but the band has made their mark on each stage they take over! The tour has had three stops so far: Seattle, San Francisco, and Anaheim. So far, the band has stayed pretty consistent with what their playing: a few new songs with Chester and some complete live debuts (including 'Pruno' and 'Adhesive'!). Chester's even getting in on the instrumental action and playing acoustic guitar on 'Adhesive'. At the last show in Anaheim, the band performed their regular setlist, again switching around the order of 'Plush' and 'Interstate Love Song'.

Check out this video of 'Interstate Love Song' from last night's show in Anaheim - the band's rocking out and in great shape!

Who's heading to the show? With West Hollywood concludes the short Californian run the band had planned. The next stop on the tour is in Denver, Colorado and then two dates in Texas. The band is expected to release their first album with Chester around October - hopefully some more news about that will be coming in soon! Mark your calendars - the Stone Temple Pilots show in New York City on April 27 will be livestreamed via Yahoo! Music. If you didn't get a chance to see the band this tour, this is your chance! For updates on the show, check back here or follow us on Twitter @LiveSTP.

Check out the rest of Stone Temple Pilot's touring schedule here.

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It's crazy how little the LP community as a whole are responding to this Chester with STP thing. I don't think anyone cares. Whenever LPL tweets about it or whatever, hardly any one replies or retweets, etc. You're lucky to even even see like 2 people respond to the tweet. This is why I don't think the Chester with STP thing should be in the news wire, because it seems like very few people actually care or are interested. How are the ticket sales on this tour? I know they are playing super small places compared to what LP sells out but I'm just wondering if people are maybe just not responding about this project on social media but are still attending shows for this project, etc.


I personally don't really care ALL that much about this whole Chester with STP thing, but I think these pre-show posts are cool for the few people who care about the Chester with STP thing. I say good work on them.

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Pretty sure there are lots of sold out shows, which is helped by the smaller venues. Still I know VIP sold out immediately at some shows. As a big fan of the current STP line up it doesn't bug me that it's not on the newswire. If anything it's easier to find the forum for STP stuff in its little section.


And the FM thing is just my assumption. I think fans though feel more conflicted with Chester joining a new established band vs a side project. I trust his word that LP comes first. Just pumped for new music and tours from both bands!

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Stone Temple Pilots have busted through the first week of the their huge Spring US Tour. The band has hit 7 cities so far: Seattle, San Francisco, Anaheim, West Hollywood, Denver, Dallas, and San Antonio. While the band's kept things pretty safe for the first few shows of the tour, there's been many memorable moments!

Let's start from the beginning - Seattle, Washington. The band performed a new set to open up their tour, featuring the Chester debuts of 'Lounge Fly', 'Pruno', 'Coma', 'Adhesive', and 'Creep'. In fact, 'Pruno' and 'Adhesive' were performed with the first time in the band's history. Chester picked up an acoustic guitar for 'Adhesive', adding to the list (which includes songs like 'Shadow Of The Day', 'Iridescent', and 'Morning After'). 'Pruno' came off as a huge surprise, being one of the band's biggest jams in the set now! Other notable details from the show include the band bringing singer Richard Peterson onstage at the end of the show and the band closing out with 'Dead & Bloated' for the first time with Chester.

After Seattle, the band embarked on a three-show excursion in California, hitting three cities: San Francisco, Anaheim, and West Hollywood. The setlist stayed the same for the most part - in San Francisco, the band rotated 'Plush' and 'Interstate Love Song' around (perhaps by accident). Some familiar faces were in attendance at these shows: Phoenix was at Anaheim and Joe was at West Hollywood. All three shows sold out, and the band delivered some powerful performances! A local band, Spiralarms, supported the band - Eric used to be a member of them in 2005, and even recorded a song called 'Gettin' Gone' with them!

When California was done, the band flew out to Colorado to play a show in Denver. The band kept things simple at this show, not making many changes to their performance. Nonetheless, they played a huge show! Next came two shows in Texas: Dallas and San Antonio. Dallas did not see many changes either, but Chester brought a fan onstage to sing 'Dead & Bloated' with them! Awesome! San Antonio was a great show as well (to be honest - it's happening right now as I'm writing this! :P). This show will likely be remembered due to Chester's old school blonde hair returned here (those who remember the old Hybrid Theory and Meteora days will remember this look!). Seems like Chester's getting in touch with his younger side. Hell, he's jamming like he's in his teens, so more power to him!

Who attended any of these shows? What did you think? We think Chester's never sounded better, and is doing an exceptional job on the tour! In the next week, the band will be visiting 4 more cities: Oklahoma City, Chicago, Silver Spring, and Montrclair. Anyone going to any of those shows? I'll be in Montclair, ready to jam! Next week, on Monday, the band's set in New York City at Irving Plaza will be livestreamed on Yahoo! Music. There'll be a post in the Newswire to remind you all, but be sure to clear your schedules on April 27! After Linkin Park finishes touring in September, the band will make some final changes to their upcoming debut album with Chester that's slated for an October release. More details will be coming soon! For updates on any of the shows or any news on Stone Temple Pilots, be sure to follow us on Twitter @LiveSTP!


Check out the rest of Stone Temple Pilot's touring schedule here.

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Holy shit, Chester sounds amazing on that performance of D&B


Dead and Bloated is fucking amazing as a closer. Down need to be on its actual place. But... Down would be better opener than Lounge Fly. I don't know.


I want them in Europe...if they will have a show in Poland, I'll try to go!

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Seems like they don't have a epic song to close the set, D&B or Trippin ain't that awesome.

Dead & Bloated is an epic closer, what are you talking about lmao


What an awesome tour. Sure there wasn't much variation but each show was huge.

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SunFest setlist:



Maybe Wicked Garden was dropped?


EDIT: So I just realized that every performance on the tour opened with Press Play and Lounge Fly (the piece played over the speaker before Lounge Fly starts). Should we add it into the setlist pages?

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