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New Music: Final Masquerade (Acoustic)

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I haven't listened yet, but is it possible that they recorded this the other day when they posted an Instagram picture of all six guys in the studio talking?

Mike specifically refers to it as something they did "the other day," so possibly (this is another thing that rules out the Machine Shop acoustic performance - that was well over a month ago, not "the other day"). However most "studio" pictures Mike posts, that one included, are just from the band's weekly meetings (Mondays) at his house. This sounds like something that was recorded in a more professional environment...not saying they couldn't have done it at Mike's but the vocal production and the clarity of the acoustic guitar don't sound consistent with other stuff they've recorded there.

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I really enjoyed the song, but I like the album version better. I don't know why but it kind of sounds like a Christmas song for me. It sounds great, but in my opinion the piano should also be playing chords and they should add some violin near the end.


By the way, someone should edit the main post and add the word "probably" in almost every sentance.

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Very nice new interpretation of the song.


As Astat pointed out before this was likely recorded at a studio. Maybe the Machine Shop performance inspired them to record the songs properly. There's just no way this was recorded at Machine Shop unless they have a proper studio, Mike's place seems much more likely. If you look at the LOATR video, they don't even use microphones, just like the summit performances.


I wonder if they really did this before the tour, wasting potential time for rehearsals or if they did this in the past weeks because the tour was canceled...

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Overall a very good song. I don't really like Mike's delivery in the first verse because it sounds lazy but he usually doesn't sing in such a low register. I'll still hand it to him for doing some Hong new though. Chester sounds good and isn't straining his voice. Its acoustic, so there won't be any screams and everything is laid back. I really like the Cello in the song, it sounds great. Hoping for them to do this with other songs soon.

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Shouldn't it say "Edit... by Hahnitator" then, cause usually when a post gets edited it says when it was edited and by whom. I consider it as a important information espacially when the post is edited by somebody else than the original author himself

Are we actually going to debate this? Most staff don't get the "Edited by" line when editing a post. We have to enable it when editing the post which can easily be forgotten.


If it makes you feel better, I was the original editor. Thiugh I was only listening to a certain someone what I should put in :P

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