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Suggestion: Hurt Section


Reading My Eyes: "Every fuckin' curse a burst of hurt"

And One: "Keep my distance, and fear resistance, hurt by persistance"

Points of Authority: "You want someone to hurt like you" / "The way I hurt myself again just to get back at you"

By Myself: "I just end up getting hurt again by myself"

Breaking the Habit: "I hurt much more than anytime before"

Leave Out All the Rest: "Forgetting all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well"

Robot Boy: "And you're sure you've hurt for so long you've got nothing left to lose"



Strength Section


Fuse: "With the strength of He-Man, a Cringer don’t want that"

Robot Boy: "Hold on, the weight of the world will give you the strength to go"

Waiting for the End: "Waiting for the end to come, wishing I had strength to stand"

Until It Breaks: "I was born with the hunger of a lion, the strength of a sun" / "Give me the strength of the rising sun"

Darker Than Blood: "Where justice doesn't have the strength to hold"

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Add Robot Boy to Love Section:


And you think there’s not enough love and no one to give it to



Robot Boy (Test Mix, Option Vocal Take), to Lies Section (You can also add it to "Truth" and "Fear" section only with this sentence):


And you say that faith is a lie and fear is your only truth



And for Pain Section:


You say you've hurt for so long that pain isn't something new



Suggestion: Fight(ing) /Fought Section

Reading My Eyes: This is my life, the twilight in the fight night

Rhinestone: So, I'm fighting the sky

Part of Me: Memories of the last fight to free yourself

Dedicated: While emcees fight to see who can be the commonest

In the End: Remembering all the times you fought with me

Breaking the Habit: I’ll never fight again

QWERTY: Every other minute I fought for my place

Fear (LOATR Demo): We're fighting for a place we can call home

Across the Line: With every fight he's losing

We Made It (does it counts?): I was fighting through every rhyme

Robot Boy: You say, you’re not gonna fight, ’cause no one will fight for you

Wretches and Kings: Don’t fight the power

Castle of Glass: Take me down to the fighting end

Keys to the Kingdom: Fighting in futility

War: You better be prepared to fight

Until It's Gone: It’s your battle to be fought

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I don't want to necropost, but... since I liked a lot when this thread came, and One More Light is out, this could be improved, if you don't want to let it die :)

I tried to put the lyrics for all the sections we already have, but with OML a lot more of Sections can be add in the future (Light, Ground, Dark(ness), Myself, Nobody, Voices, Sirens, Halfway...). Probably I miss something ^^:


Alone Section

Halfway Right - Here I am standing all alone


Black Section

Invisible - This is not black and white


Blood Section

Battle Symphony - Blood on the floor


Breaking Section

Nobody Can Save Me - Waves break above my head

Battle Symphony - If my armor breaks

Invisible - If I cannot break your fall


Day(s) Section

Good Goodbye - Every day was like a hail date

Sorry for Now - There will be a day that you will understand


Death (Dead/Dying) Section (?)

Good Goodbye - You were dead wrong

Halfway Right - I used to get high with the dead-end kids


Empty Section

Invisible - And it's an empty feeling

Halfway Right - The road dissolving like an empty vow


Eyes Section

Sorry for Now - That woeful fire burning in your eyes / Under the fire of your angry eyes


Fire Section

Sorry for Now - That woeful fire burning in your eyes / Under the fire of your angry eyes


Fuck Section

Heavy - To let my mind stay so fucking messy


Gone Section

Halfway Right - But I was already gone


Head Section

Nobody Can Save Me - Waves break above my head / Head-first hallucination

Invisible - I've got an aching head


Hurt Section

One More Light - Can I help you not to hurt anymore?

Sharp Edges - You're gonna hurt someone


Letting Go Section

Heavy - If I just let go, I'd be set free


Life Section

Good Goodbye - Tell 'em that I'm yours this is our life


Love Section

Good Goodbye - Tell 'em that I'd rather be here where they love me

Sharp Edges - Loved you like a house of cards, let it fall apart


Mind Section

Heavy - I don’t like my mind right now / To let my mind stay so fucking messy

Sorry for Now - But just in case the memories cross your mind


Mistakes Section

Talking to Myself - I admit I've made mistakes

Sorry for Now - Don't ever have a problem, make no mistake


Night (Nightly/Tonight) Section

Nobody Can Save Me - Tell me I'm forgiven, tonight

Good Goodbye - Every night was like a hailstorm

Halfway Right - I’ve never been higher than I was that night / Couldn’t remember where I’d been that night


Pain Section

Battle Symphony - Puts the pain in the reverse


Rain / Raindrops Section

Sorry for Now - Watching the raindrops blinking red and white


Roads Section

Good Goodbye - So say goodbye and hit the road / Goodbye to the cold roads

Sorry for Now - And it's bound to get bumpy on any road you take

Halfway Right - The road dissolving like an empty vow


Rhythm Section

Good Goodbye - Live from the rhythm

Battle Symphony - That I'm marching to the rhythm of a lonesome defeat


Running Section

Talking to Myself - You keep running like the sky is falling

One More Light - Who cares when someone's time runs out?

Sharp Edges - Momma always told me "don't you run, don't you run with scissors son


Scars Section

Sharp Edges - Every scar is a story I can tell


Shadow Section

Halfway Right - In abandoned houses where the shadows live


Truth Section

Talking to Myself - The truth is you turn into someone else


Waiting Section (?)

Sorry for Now - Best things come to those who wait


Waking Section (?)

Nobody Can Save Me - I wanna fall wide awake now

Sorry for Now - I just passed out by the time you wake up

Halfway Right - I woke up driving my car


Wall(s) Section

Talking to Myself - All the walls that you keep building




Also, could have a connection, even that a tiny bit one, between Breaking the Habit and Halfway Right lyrics?

Breaking the Habit: I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream

Halfway Right: I scream at myself when there's nobody else to fight

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Could Have Been - "Alone again"

On 11/26/2015 at 5:06 AM, GlassCastles said:


Chance Of Rain: "Alone again"



Chance Of Rain: "Saying this in your head"


Sight (Looking/Seeing):

Chance Of Rain: "You would look for what you couldn't see"

Interesting that there are similar lyrics in songs

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Pictureboard (Xero Demo)/Pictureboard: "Where we sit all alone and listen to the rainfall"



Dialate (Xero Demo): "As the blood in your veins pump to this rhythm"



Stick N Move (Demo): "Break down around you?"



Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo): "Riding with a head full of buckets of red"/"And when they said still stuck in the head"

Esaul (Xero Demo): "And what I said still stuck in my head"



Stick N Move (Demo): "All the lies disguised have done nothing but make me ask why"



Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo): "I wanna live in another place"/"Where no one can say that I lived for them"

Esaul (Xero Demo): "I wanna live in another place"/"No one'll say that I will live for them"



Pictureboard (Xero Demo)/Pictureboard: "The night in the corner at the back of the hall"

Stick N Move (Demo): "Constantly forcing the night over the day"



Stick N Move (Demo): "Nothing you say could make me stay"/"All the lies disguised have done nothing but make me ask why"/"Nothing is what I've got"/"Nothing has changed"/"Even though I know there's nothing to be afraid of"/"Where nothing exists but the things that you say"/"And nothing could make me want to be further away"



Stick N Move (Demo): "After all of the same pain"



Pictureboard (Xero Demo)/Pictureboard: "Where we sit all alone and listen to the rainfall"



Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo): "Crashing into walls"

Breaking The Habit: "I'll paint it on the walls"



Rhinestone (Xero Demo Tape)/Rhinestone (Xero Demo)/Forgotten (Demo): "The rain then sends dripping an acidic question"


You should add an emcee (MC) section



Dialate (Xero Demo): "I cracked a bulletproof vest on an emcee's chest"

Reading My Eyes (Xero Demo)/(Live): "The leave-an-MC-peace-in-rest-er"/"MC's become silhouettes of chalk"/"And sever every MC I see with severity"

Fuse: "Ensuring super-emcees, you'll be ripped on (Ripped on)"/"To break a snake emcee like a cheap prophylactic"/"Empty three verses on thirty-three emcees"/"Bleed emcees of enemy companies"/"This mic shaft through the back of an emcee’s hand"

Stick N Move (Xero Demo): "Renowned emcees surround as the beat breaks down"/"Emcees dogging me since the first day I grabbed the mic"/"Sticking emcees real quick 'cause times ticking"

Closing (Xero Demo): "Attacking emcees and back and neck muscle contraction whiplashes"

Fiends (Xero Demo): "Plus crush Earth's crust and enemy MC's to dust, with one touch"

Step Up: "Rappin' to a beat doesn't make you an MC"/"You're not an MC if someone else writes your lines"/"You wanna be an MC? You've gotta study the skill"/"It's taken decades for MC's to establish this"

High Voltage (EP)/(Reprise): "Cast the spell of instrumental-ness on all of the MC's that hate us"

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