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2015.1.20 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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The Hunting Party Tour has only just begun, but it's already off to an incredible start! Linkin Park, Rise Against and Of Mice & Men will perform the fourth show of the tour at the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 20, 2015. This will be the first time Linkin Park has performed in Pittsburg since December 2003.

Despite not performing in the city for over a decade, this will be the band's fifth performance there! The band's first performance there dates back all the way to one of their first shows as Linkin Park (fresh off of renaming themselves from Hybrid Theory) on Union Underground's 'An Education In Rebellion' Tour in July 2000. We don't know much about what happened at the show - if you were there and happen to remember a few details, be sure to tell us! The band returned later in the year in November on P.O.D.'s 'King Of The Game' Tour - another show we don't know too much about. Again, if you know a few details, be sure to send us a shout! The band returned in February 2001, and we DO know a few things about this show! In fact, a video source exists from this show, though it's not currently available on the forums (perhaps a good LPL samaritan could help change that?). However, you can find an audio download of it here, in The MP3 Collection. The band performed many songs from Hybrid Theory including 'Pushing Me Away' and 'Crawling', as well as older songs found on the Hybrid Theory EP including 'High Voltage' (the Mike Shinoda Remix) and 'And One'. During 'One Step Closer', Chester invited a few fans up to jam! The most recent show was in December 2003, at The X's Kick Ass X-Mas Show. At the time, there was major snowfall in the Northeast United States that almost prevented some of the bands from performing! Luckily for us, there's not much snowfall here in the Northeast (we could use some snow here in New Jersey, though), so that eliminates the chances of a weather-related cancellation. Hopefully the band can keep up their good record in Pittsburgh!

Last night's show in Indianapolis, Indiana was something else! Unfortunately, Chester had broken his ankle at some point during the day (apparently from dodging a guy at the gym trying to punch him in his privates!), which preventing him from moving onstage. That didn't stop him from putting on an incredible show! This actually isn't the first time that he performed a show with a broken bone - midshow on the second night of Melbourne 2007, he broke his wrist whilst jumping during 'Papercut'. He performed the rest of the show fine, and continued for the rest of the tour. Back to the present - the show in Indianapolis was full of guests! Aaron Pauley, Of Mice & Men's bassist came out to sing during the 'Iridescent' portion of the Ballad Medley, Austin Carlile, Of Mice & Men's vocalist, screamed during 'Faint', and Tim McIlrath, Rise Against's vocalist sang during 'Bleed It Out'! As the tour goes on, we hope to see these collaborations happen more often! There's even talks of Jay-Z appearing during the band's set next Sunday in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center... he was there only three days ago! Time will tell what happens. The band performed Set A, so it's likely they will perform Set B in Pittsburgh.

Check out this performance of 'A Place For My Head' in Indianapolis. Chester talks during the encore break about how Linkin Park fans are the best in the world! Props to him for going through the entire show with his broken ankle!

Of course, The Hunting Party Tour wouldn't be complete without Of Mice & Men and Rise Against! Of Mice & Men performed a powerful set, opening with 'Feels Like Forever' off of their newest album, Restoring Force. They continued to smash out more songs from the album including 'Bones Exposed' and 'Another You'. They also performed some singles like 'Would You Still Be There' and 'Identity Disorder' into getting into an older song, 'The Depths'. The concluded their show with 'You're Not Alone' from the new album. The deluxe version of their newest album will be released on February 24, 2015, titled Restoring Force: Full Circle. Rise Against performed another great set, opening with 'Ready To Fall' and 'Give It All'. They performed more older tracks like 'Re-Eductation (Through Labor)' and 'The Good Left Undone' before getting into newer tracks like 'Tragedy + Time' and 'I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore' from their new album, The Black Market. The smashed out the acoustic balled 'Swing Life Away' before closing with 'Savior'.

Didn't get a chance to see Linkin Park this time around? Don't fret! Let's talk tour rumors - everywhere from South America to Asia is in question! In North America, Linkin Park is currently rumored to headline the Mayhem Festival this summer, a travelling festival akin to Warped Tour. More spring and summer festivals are also possibilities. South America is also in question, with Rock In Rio Brazil and a headline show in Sao Paulo being possibilities in September. Asia and Australia are also being considered - according to some sources, the band is looking to tour both continents at the same time, similar to what they did in 2003. Nothing's been confirmed for Australia, but a show in India is currently in the works, as well as a potential date on October 3 in Chongqing City, China. Lastly - Europe. The band is rumored to be performing at the Rock'n'Heim festival, as well as the Reading and Leeds Festival in England. Glastonbury is another possibility. For a full outline of their rumored touring schedule, as well as detailed explanations to them, check out The Hunting Party Tour: Rumors + Official thread.

Who's excited for the show? If you're going, RSVP in this thread - LPL Members abrandnewname and ATylerInTheSand (ATITS) will be there! Perhaps an LPLive meetup could take place! Be sure to stop by the Music For Relief booth and donate a dollar or two to help disaster relief and make a move against climate change! As mentioned before, the band will likely perform Set B at this show to stay consistent with the setlist rotation. After this show, The Hunting Party Tour heads to upstate New York in Albany, then takes a day break before a three-day trek to Atlantic City, Providence, and Brooklyn. For updates on the show, check back here or follow us on Twitter!

Set Times



6:00PM EST: Doors

7:00PM EST: Of Mice & Men

7:45PM EST: Rise Against

9:20PM EST: Linkin Park



Show Page Notes

Date: January 20, 2015
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Venue: CONSOL Energy Center
Tour: The Hunting Party North American Tour
Show #4 of 19

Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2015 touring schedule here.



EDIT: Linkin Park has had to pull out of their Pittsburgh and Albany show dates due to Chester's ankle injury. Read the post from the band here.


We wish Chester a speedy recovery and will keep an eye on when/if they continue the tour.

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I don't know anything about broken bones. I wonder if he reinjured it today or if adrenaline got him through the other show. Must be pretty bad if they know this soon that they won't be able to play PITT and Albany. Hoping Chester feels better soon. I'm sure Lorenzo and co will keep us updated about the rest of the tour. Obviously the priority is that Chester gets better. I wonder if we'll find out how he got injured in the first place.

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