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[DL] 2004-09-03 Chula Vista, CA (Source 1 rip)

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Source 1: Video - AUD (Digicam: Unknown)
Taper: Unknown
Time: 21:19 mins
Format: .mpeg (480i) / 650 MB
Comments: Clips of every song from the intro to 'Figure.09' in reverse order. Released by Jeff (RussianRocket) in 2006 on The-Untitled.tk.

(video available via this thread)

audio ripped and clip running order corrected.

please bear in mind that this is a very incomplete, choppy source. the "setlist" for this rip is as follows -

01. Korn (clips)

02. Intro | Don't Stay (clips)
03. Lying From You (clips)
04. Papercut (clips)
05. Points Of Authority (clips)
06. With You (cuts in, but otherwise full and uninterrupted)
07. Runaway (clips)

08. Mike & Chester banter
09. Step Up (clip) / Nobody's Listening

10. It's Goin' Down (clips)
11. Somewhere I Belong (clips)
12. Figure.09 (clips)




LP - 2004-09-03 (Chula Vista, CA) source 1 audio rip.zip 48.3 MB

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