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Guitar Center Sessions Broadcast 12/5

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The mix is really good, I think that helps it a lot. GATS is an excellent live song. The reason they don't play it anymore is because both Brad and Rob hurt themselves on it, right? So they brought in ALITS. My guess is that they were going to have both GATS and ALITS in the set (until that happened)...which would have been awesome. I do miss GATS at the show. It bothered me at first that the crowd didn't know anything about it, but screw it if LP wants to open with it, no problem.


Red Bull Sessions is an awesome one. My favorite one is San Diego 2014 (Comic-Con) so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj218YUhS7I
Or Rock am Ring 2014, that one rocks too.


Really great show! Can this be posted in downloads section? If yes i can post it.


Yes! Do you have the original file(s) for it?

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Yes! Do you have the original file(s) for it?

Unfortunately, don't have source file.


I have improoved audio rip + source video from youtube (which have also improved audio), links will be ready in a couple of minutes.


As for the show - this is probably the first show, where Mike is singin the part "The lost and the sights unseen" in the way, like he did in the album version.


EDIT: I think it's the best performance of the Rebellion.

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I thought Rebellion sounded fine. This was an excellent concert. Everyone was on point. Thinking about this album cycle and the last, I really would want Rebellion, GATS, and VICTIMIZED/QWERTY to share the same setlist. Probably never gonna happen.

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