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Upcoming North American Tour Announcement...?

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That doesn't make any sense to me considering Metallica and LP are the rock headliners and the rock portion of the event is a Friday and a Saturday.


It makes sense if you know Rock in Rio. I saw at the same day Evanescence, System Of A Down and Guns n' Roses in 2011. Look the linep below from Rock in Rio 2011 here in Brazil and you'll see that's possible. If they can have 3 headliners at the same day here in Brazil, it's gonna be easier to do the same in the USA.



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Yeah but who plays on day two then? I think Metallica headlines one day and LP the other day. They didn't announce any other big bands for the rock weekend. Deftones aren't big enough to headline an outdoor festival like this.


They will announce other headliners. I'm sure about it. They always do that. If you don't remember, LP played before Smashing Pumpkins and after Limp Bizkit and Offspring in Lisbon in 2012.
If they can announce this kind of line-up here in Brazil, they will be able to do better a one in the US. It's so expensive to bring international bands to Brazil, differently from United States.


If I looked at the spot where RIR Vegas will be then I don't think they'll have enough room for 2 main stages. I highly doubt LP and Metallica would play the same day. Doesn't make sense from a marketing standpoint.


Rock in Rio has just one main stage: The World Stage. It doesn't matter if it's in Brazil, Portugal, Spain or USA. There is a second one destined to mash-ups.



People, look these Rock in Rio line-ups:









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Well it's possible you could be right. I assume they'd do the USA festival differently but I might be wrong because of what they say on their homepage: "These are the first names to join our line-up, we will be announcing more headliners, attractions and news in the next weeks, stay tuned!"


The way I saw it was:


May 8-9 Main Stage: Metallica and Linkin Park

May 8-9 Sunset Stage: Deftones + others


May 15-16 Main Stage: Taylor Swift and No Doubt

May 15-16 Sunset Stage: John Legend + others


But they are booking 100+ bands, so I guess it's entirely possible LP could not be headlining one of the days.

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