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Julien-K 2014.06.28 Los Angeles, CA (DTA in Full)


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Usually we don't do preshow posts for Julien-K as you all know, but tonight marks a very special evening in the band's career. They are performing their debut album Death To Analog in full at Bar Sinister in Los Angeles. Joining them will be Brandon Belsky, who left the band several years ago and will be playing a one-off performance with them tonight.


Chester was the executive producer of Death To Analog and has joined the band often live to perform various songs (usually Technical Difficulties but sometimes Maestro, Kick The Bass and others). One time on Projekt Revolution 2007, Ryan had to attend his brother's wedding so Chester stepped in and sang the entire Julien-K set! Chester is in the Kick The Bass video that premiered on playboy.com, he's best friends with them, etc etc etc (the story goes on forever) and we fully expect him to join the band tonight in some regard. He likely will lend his vocals to Technical Difficulties again, but we will see what ends up happening!



Ryan has been running a little contest on his Facebook and Instagram for fans to guess the exact setlist of the show, but it appears that no one has guessed it correctly. That means the setlist will be jumbled up slightly... here's what they have to choose from:


Death To Analog
Someday Soon
Kick The Bass
Technical Difficulties
Systeme De Sexe
Nvr Say Nvr
Dystopian Girl
Look At U
Killing Fields
Some of these songs have never been performed live, like Dystopian Girl, Stranded, Disease, Killing Fields, etc. Ryan mentioned that not every single song from the DTA era will be performed live (meaning Everyone Knows is pretty much out, and maybe a few of the songs in the list above). We will see what happens! This will be Julien-K's first show since August 2013, when they performed at V-ROX in Russia just after Sunset Strip Music Festival. We are missing a few 2012 setlists from the LA-area, but this appears to be Chester's first time joining Julien-K since January 21, 2012 when he sang I'll Try Not To Destroy You and Palm Springs Reset with the band. If we aren't mistaken, it looks like the last time he sang Death To Analog songs with them was all the way back in April 2009.
Is anyone in Los Angeles headed out to see the show? We'll report on the setlist and post videos, etc as soon as they come in!
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My favorite song by them is Killing Fields (top 3 on DTA are Maestro, Forever and Stranded), so I hope they debut it tonight. If there is any chance to play Killing Fields, tonight is it. Brandon will nail those backing vocals.


I wish they'd just get Brandon back in the band and start touring. I'd go see a bunch of the USA shows but the problem is they haven't toured here since 2009! Let's get it together guys and get something going....

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If Elias left Julien-K so he could stop traveling and be with his family, why does it seem like he is literally ALWAYS on tour with all these different bands? I don't understand why he didn't just stay with Julien-K. I miss the old line up with Brandon and Elias in it.

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If Elias left Julien-K so he could stop traveling and be with his family, why does it seem like he is literally ALWAYS on tour with all these different bands? I don't understand why he didn't just stay with Julien-K. I miss the old line up with Brandon and Elias in it.



There was waaaaaaay more to it than what Elias said publicly. Lots of other stuff. Up to Wilderness if he wishes to say anything or not...I don't want to get into the private lives of the band.


It's actually a pretty quick story haha. Elias told the band and the fans he was leaving to spend time with his family. This was true at first and he started studying. I believe he was studying to become a dentist.


About a little over a year later he got an offer for Rock of Ages. This was when the band and myself were in Sweden, I believe, and Elias called Ryan to tell him and to explain in hopes of Ryan not being offended. Ryan and the band were genuinely happy for him, as Elias was explaining he was getting paid quite handsomely for it.


This tells me that the tours he's been on as of late (Rock of Ages, the metal superstar project he was involved in, and K&TL) pay quite well. Julien-K unfortunately are yet to build a big enough fanbase for themselves to do headlining tours and feel the financial benefit from it.


Elias was supposed to play the DTA show, but backed out because of the K&TL offer, which is the reason Julien-K and Elias are NOT on good terms now.



My friend went to the show last night can confirm no chester. Is he like not friends with em no more

Of course they're still friends. I'm not sure why Chester wasn't there, but the reasons could be endless. :)

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lol of course he's still friends with them, who knows why he couldn't make it to the show, there's probably a billion possible reasons. He's in 2 bands right now plus has a big family. I'm pretty sure he would have gone if he could, don't forget that helped produce the album.

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I like the studio versions of Someday Soon and Maestro much more than the remixes.


http://lplive.net/shows/db/julienk1415/20140628 Added the show page.


In general, the band sounds really great. Ryan of course isn't 100%, more like 90%~ here, but hey it's the first show since last August. For not playing in that long, they sure didn't miss a beat (or 10 months LOL). I hope they can do a USA tour for this new album they're working on - it's beyond due. This show was also long overdue for the Death To Analog songs since they ignored most all of them during the We're Here With You Tour. In particular I am a huge fan of Maestro and Forever returning - my two favorite DTA songs. Both songs were nailed.


The stage is a bit small for them all to rock out on, but I guess they don't require a big stage anymore like they had at SSMF 2013 (where they had way too much room, ha). I can honestly say Brandon sounds GREAT and is what they have been missing from the live shows. His voice is flawless for their shows and he really adds a signature sound to the show (see: Spiral). I am praying that they can bring him back into the band and put whatever creative differences they have with him aside.


The highlight of the whole show to me was Killing Fields. Live debut for that one as well and it's been a long time coming. Absolutely nailed it and wow what an underrated song that is. It doesn't get any better for an "epic" song to close the show with either. My favorite song off from the band period, and with Brandon on it....damn! Then Ryan sings the ending perfectly by hopping up there with the meghaphone! FLAWLESS.


If there is anything for the band to take from this show:

1. Get Brandon back in the band ASAP

2. Tour ASAP

3. Close the fucking shows with Killing Fields


Very impressed with what I hear here.

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