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[DL] 2014-06-07 Rock am Ring (Njoy Radio)

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This was just broadcasted last night. It's a 1 hour version of the show. Mix seems the same to me. What I've Done is cut. The program started a few minutes late because of extended news about the storms in Germany yesterday and they ended the song in the middle to cut to the next news on time.

I think they'll re-broadcast it this Sunday, so I'll try to catch that as well to get the full WID hopefully.


01.Guilty All The Same

02.Given Up
03.Points Of Authority
04.One Step Closer
05.With You
06.Runaway / Wastelands
07.Burn It Down
09.In The End
11.Until It's Gone
12.A Light That Never Comes
13.Lost In The Echo
14.Crawling / New Divide
15.What I’ve Done (cut)



Recorded from digital dvb-s radio Njoy. Untouched stream split into tracks.

MP2 320 kbit/s


2014-06-07 Rock am Ring (Njoy Radio).zip 118.9 MB




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Thanks! Mix seems different to me. I like it better. For example, I can hear the guitars better and Mike's YELLING on the Points intro isn't as loud. Maybe that's just me.


I added it as a source to the show page.

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Thanks to Jonas I managed to record it from Cable FM. The quality isn't any better (see spec analysis) but I'm going to share it anyway.


DVBS MP2: http://i.imgur.com/6CE4mjX.png

Analog FM: http://i.imgur.com/Yv8Ihoc.png (brighter because I normalized the volume)




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