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2014.05.30 - Lisboa, Portugal - Rock In Rio VI

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Anyone know the Brazil version and the Portugal version are cut or not?


The Brazil version was full, without any cuts. In 1080p.

and I think the Portugal one was from SIC Radical:
From Soul:

The SIC Radical one is the one with no cuts.

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I still can't really decide how to feel about the setlist. I'm all for pulling out random half-songs and medleys, but some of these just feel really awkward and pointless.


- the Requiem vocals over the Catalyst outro sound weird and the whole thing is too long for an intro. I think the first one and a half minutes of The Catalyst would work much better there.


-In my opinion POA should be shortened and replaced with Papercut in the medley.

-Papercut should be in the place where POA is, and should be played full


- this is actually quite a good idea. Papercut > OSC would flow much better than OSC > Blackout intro > Papercut.

- Guilty > Papercut would probably also flow better than Guilty > Given Up.

- bring back the album version of COG.

- unlike most people, I've no problem with the ballad medley. I'd probably prefer Iridescent in full over the medley, but as long as the gang vocals from the end are there, I'm happy with it.

- yay for Robot Boy!

- Joe's solo spot still feels pointless to me, but Mike's solo spot is boss.

- the encore break was waaay toooo looooong.

- I didn't really like the studio version of Until It's Gone, but it's better live. the intro feels quite awkward though, and not just because of the guitar problems.

- Light & LITE were great.

- actually, save for the UIG intro & that sped-up Crawling chorus, the whole encore was great. yay for Rob's solo!

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Has anyone noticed Mike playing guitar during bridge of In The End? You can see him running for it after the second chorus.

Knew about that the day after the Tucson show. It's on the Tucson show page.

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I love how Linkin Park over the years got huge experience how to mix their own songs with each other so now their performances are like complete performances with all kind of different music genres, sounds, rhythms adding awesome lights work and screens with different themes on them.


The ballad medley - LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent - their best creation for me. And this year I liked very much - The Catalyst + No More Sorrow Mashup Intro + Until It's Gone.

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