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Linkin Park to Play in Wroclaw, Poland


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"Based on the Metallica and Kings Of Leon touring schedules, Linkin Park will play Rock am Ring on June 5th or 7th and Rock im Park on June 8th or 9th"


And the timestamp shows that it was after Wrocław show info, if not, my fb screws up timestamps :P



Awesome that they'll have a regular show first time in Poland. This time proper m&g and early entry :)

I did that because this show isn't 100% confirmed by the band yet. Yes it's likely going to happen but we have to wait for official confirmation first. A few shows in the past have had issues with stuff like that. Shanghai 2007, Istanbul 2008, Portimao 2009, Sheffield 2010, etc.

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confirmed by the band's facebook page:


We are so excited to announce we will be playing a headline show in the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland. June 5th. Stadium Wroclaw.


LPU members can access pre-sale tickets starting on Friday February 7, at 1:00am PST (10:00am local Poland time). General sale will begin Monday February 10, at 1:00am PST (10:00am local Poland time). See you in June!!! -BBB


LP Underground Pre-Sale Info: http://lpunderground.com


General Sale Link: http://www.eventim.pl/linkin-park

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does anyone have an idea how much the tickets might be? i think about going since this is the closest they'll probably come to Czech republic. (fingers crossed still, tho)

We'll know on friday. I have a friend from CZ who is going so if You want pm me for info :P


I don't know but expect something between 50 and 70 €

Poland is not Germany :) Cheap tickets should be somewhere around $30-$50

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I would also say that the italian show is not a festival in a normal sense. it' more an own show with maybe 2or3 opening bands.

Technically speaking, it's a festival;

but it's work the same way the iTunes festival works (lot of bands, but performing in separate days)

as for the opening bands I think there's only one since it's scheduled to play an hour before LP

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