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New Linkin Park Remix Album: "RECHARGED"

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Well ALTNC will be on the album. So unless the album is different from track to track I would expect it to have an electronic type vibe to it at least. I seriously doubt it will be "LT, the EDM versions" though. I hope the Tech N9ne verse is on this album.

Yes! I want to hear the Tech N9ne song they supposedly did. It will be amazing.
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Does anybody know whether this counts towards Linkin Park's album count for Warner?

People still think the band wants to leave Warner? People always talk about how many albums are left and things but where do the contract details come from? And why is everyone assuming the band WANTS to leave them?
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It's beneficial for them to say on Warner but they might go independent if it means they can release music quicker and more often. We will see. Trent Reznor didn't earn much when NIN went independent and it was stressful when they had to market out the albums, etc so he went with Columbia for this latest album. I would rather LP go independent, or start their own label, versus stay on Warner but I'm not sure what'll happen.


I think after LIVING THINGS they have one more right to fulfill their contract?

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Only a fool would spend above 150 for that.

I'm not going to say either way on that, but that sculpture cannot be sold under 100. Especially if it's an ultra-limited run of 500 like someone said in like, the ALTNC thread or the questions thread or something. If they're selling the package under 100 they're probably taking some sort of loss on it.

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