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A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (Linkin Park x Steve Aoki)

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1. You've seen 2 screenshots and a 5-second clip recorded on a camera phone.

2. These CGI videos may be "directed" by Joe, but Ghost Town Media does like 90% of the work. See: Waiting For the End. Once they're done with the basic on-set shots, Joe's out of the picture.

I saw a video of it last night, low quality, but pretty sure it was legit. The models in the pictures above were used, as well as the stuff from the lyric video (that giant blob of shapes). I was actually pretty impressed, it gave off a very Pts. of Athrty style mixed with a girl running around a digital city, while Mike and Chester (and I think I saw Brad's?) disembodied heads pop up every once in a while singing. Definitely matched the song.


Looking forward to the actual video.

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