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  2. I paid about $90 for the Super Deluxe 50th anniversary release for Abbey Road. It comes with a hardback book, a remastered CD, 2 CD's of demos/outtakes, and a Blu-Ray with the remastered audio I got the 50th anniversary Sgt. Pepper's release for around $130. Hardback book, remastered CD, 2 CD's of demos/outtakes, CD with original mono mix, Blu-Ray with remastered audio and making of documentary, and 2 posters.
  3. Yes. That's what I was getting at in my earlier post in this thread lol. I don't think he would be writing a book to let us all know that he definitely wanted Mike out of the band or restricted to just keyboards. Plus the stuff with Chester basically telling him to fuck off after being told "You should be the star", him wanting Joe to wear a lab coat on stage, him showing the ITE demo to another rapper and then telling the band "This guy didn't like it, you should change the whole song". It doesn't sound like the band and he are on great terms, so the fact that he's writing a book about them at all is weird enough. I would probably check it out and read it, but any completely outlandish claims I would take with a grain of salt.
  4. There's no way there's not multiple tiers. Bare minimum there'll be a vinyl reissue. From there I'm sure they'll have a version with just the CDs, one with the album + some merch etc. I'll be shocked if the top version isn't upwards of $300 though
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  6. I believe it will be one price. a special one-price version. I'm hoping to have remastered dvd's proshots it would be incredible to have a pro shot show from Projekt Revolution 2002. Cd ( remastered ) + Book + 4 DVD'S Shows ( full Proshots ), Gifts and a super special box to come all this ;)😎😍
  7. Of course. That's what I meant by the tiered options. Just different stuff for different fans. For example, we'd never spend $500 on Recharged. Didn't even buy Recharged for $10, lol
  8. What I mean is that even if I don't pay $500 for the best package possible, it doesn't mean that I'm not a hardcore fan. Even the most devoted fans cannot look at everything the band releases as something that they need to have, possibly just to prove that they're hardcore fans. Everybody needs to judge by themselves and see whether the most expensive package is really worth it or not.
  9. Metallica's box sets are $200 and as of right now, are the gold standard in the music industry for how to do the best box set imaginable for a band. Truly incredible stuff, go look up Master of Puppets or any of their other box set releases - the amount of content is INSANE. Muse is $150. DMB Live 25 is $175 and is just 25 live songs picked by fans + merch. Beatles is $200. Didn't mean hardcore fans only, or mean to imply that only hardcore fans are the ones who pay $500. What I meant is that the higher priced packages are usually catered to those fans who are not casual fans of a band. $100 isn't enough for a box set release. It needs to be at least $200+.
  10. This. There are a lot of people out there who can't afford $500. There are countries where people don't even earn that money in a month working full time. But those people would still feel weird and left out if they can't afford the "hardcore" package. That's why I think there should be a limit to the most expensive version. Probably around $100 which is already pretty high for a lot of people I would assume. Does someone have numbers how much big anniversary releases of other bands cost? I think Metallica and Beatles were mentioned a couple of times here.
  11. I know it's probably not exactly what you meant but I don't like how you described the most expensive package as the one for the hardcore fans. It's not a case of being a hardcore fan or not. I'm a hardcore LP fan, but I simply wouldn't spend so much money on some "cool gadget-like stuff" that are just rare and that's the reason why they're so expensive. Of course, if a more expensive package was to include some rare live footage or something like this, I'd buy it. However, if I were to spend around 2000 PLN (I live in Poland) to get a different art cover or some additional photos, I would pass. It's not just a case of being a hardcore fan or not, sometimes it's about spending money responsibly.
  12. Mike recently sat down with Travis Mills on Beat 1 to discuss "Dropped Frames" for about half an hour. If you have Apple Music or iTunes, you can check it out here. Deviating from the "Dropped Frames" questions, Mike was asked about Fort Minor turning 15 this year: - "This year we are celebrating The Rising Tied's 15th anniversary. You had collabs with Common, John Legend, etc. What was your favorite memory of making that record?" -> "Wow my favorite memory. I had a bunch of different things. I remember coming up with the beat for Remember The Name and being like, "Ok, everything revolves around this, the record revolves around this. This is what I'm shooting for." I also remember getting the verse back from Black Thought. I got a verse from Black Thought, it's one of my favorite verses he's ever done. Like I'm a fan of his and it's one of my favorite verses he's done, and it's on my record. That was bananas to me. It also made me so, like, almost embarrassed to be on the song (in a good way). Like there was a creative competition that I wouldn't go back and rewrite my verse, I think doing that at a time like that is inappropriate. I had already written my verse, he sent his, and I was like, "Ok, he killed it on the song." It made me want to step my game up in making the record. And I think some of the lyrics on other songs got better because of those collaborations. I just felt like, "I've just gotta be better.""
  13. The simple solution to that is to make package tiers. $100 casual fan + $250 mid tier + $500 hardcore fan.
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  15. Any concerns that Jeff could be considered an "unreliable narrator"? Fact is, he knows a ton about the band's early history and origins. Just worried that he might embellish or change things for "dramatic purposes" or to make himself look more favorable.
  16. Amends book is fucking amazing and was just 70 € with cd+ vynil and another collection of Polaroids so releasing a great product at a reasonable price is possibile IMO
  17. If they create a super high quality product, I think it is reasonable to ask for a higher price, but I hope it won‘t be something ridiculous like the Recharged thing. It is going to be a very special release for every Linkin Park fan, and I don‘t think it would be fair to just categorically deny that release to a lot of people who can‘t afford a $500 release. I think they have to find a sweet spot between making it super freaking amazing with crazy stuff in there while also keeping it accessible for the average hardcore fan and that‘s definitely lower than $500.
  18. i think the unique OML polaroids were an AMAZING item. You are the only person in the world who owns that thing. HT20 should've something like that... each person having a unique version of something, in a limited edition. I think they'll buy and get the full first footage on Mike's apartment, and turn that into a DVD... mixing with some comentaries and other making of HT footages. There's so much to think... let's just wait like Adam said.
  19. There are many dvd unauthorized documentaries of LP they even use their name and pictures of the band I just don't see why this would be blocked, actually it's pretty interesting It's hard to block a book release even for people that are way more important than Linkin Park, not even Trump could block the release of Bolton's book. Don't overreact.
  20. Mike's second song with AmirSaysNothing, the artist he toured with for part of the North American Post Traumatic Tour and who he produced a song "Clockwatch" for, will be coming out soon. As he did with "Clockwatch", Mike produced this track as well. This song had a music video shot on January 5, 2020 already with director Dylan Park. On July 28, 2020, Amir said that he received the final mix of his album "Engless Brightside." On August 3rd, he teased the album with a screenshot of the video, saying, "all the Linkin Park fans gonna love this, produced by Mike Shinoda and it ain’t Clockwatch ;)" More details soon on a release date.
  21. I wouldnt be suprised if it gets a lawsuit so we better grab the first copies as soon as they will be released before the book will vanish from planet Earth lmfao
  22. Agreed 1000%. I wouldn't even consider dropping $500 (or anything in that neighborhood) for most bands, but for HT 20? I'm down.
  23. Yeah that's what I mean by band's views on it. Let's see what happens.
  24. Are we finally getting "Live at Docklands" released? Not that the LPlive version isn't great, but I wouldn't mind a BluRay
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