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  3. Can you provide this picture? https://lplive.net/shows/2000andearlier/20000916
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  5. WAIT! You are right, I am wrong. Mike said a "week before Halloween in October" not a "week from now." Sorry about that. Ok ok, so there is no official date for this performance then. All I got to go off is my memory and obviously that is wrong lol. So this is most likely is Orlando, FL (in my opinion) and if it is then I am sure it is the Hard Rock Cafe (because the frame picture there on the wall has a date) and it's def before October and in the year 2000 based on context of how they talk about the album release. This would potentially place it in September then possibly the 12th based on the dates you provided. Shoot, I just moved. I was an hour from Orlando when I was in Florida. And I haven't been to Hard Rock since Game Grumps in 2017. I wonder if I could call and get verification. say I'm writing a paper XD EDIT: Or It could be the July 24, 2000 show lol. I wish I took a picture of the frame photo as it had a date. All I know is was early, before Meteora.
  6. I think you got the date mixed up. On October 16, 2000, the show was in Houston, Texas, which hasn't been confirmed if it was played or not. I found it on here in the 2000 & earlier shows by looking up the date you mentioned.
  7. So, this might be a stupid question but how come the Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, FL live show from Oct 16, 2000 isn't uploaded in the archives? This would be the same show that is in the bootleg Splitting the DNA album. I lived in Florida for most my life (only recently just moved) and I have been to the Hard Rock Cafe several times for Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes, and even the Game Grumps. There is a wall full of framed photos of bands that have played there and their dates. Linkin Park is up on this wall. Also, within the audio Chester can be heard saying "Hey hey, Orlando!" and Mike can be heard saying, "We have an album coming out in a week. It's called Hybrid Theory" which lines up as Hybrid Theory was released Oct 24, 2000. Is it because it's on a bootleg album and more info is needed to solidify it as certain?
  8. reduction acapellas usually don't keep the reverb and when there are multi-tracked vocals, some of them get dropped - also this would be very clean even for today's techniques to make an acapella and as eyesburning said - back in the day it would have been much sloppier I think it's legit
  9. I'm 80/20 on it now. I would need the whole thing for me to convinced but it seems highly likely what everyone is saying is correct. I do appreciate all the help you guys. I got some instrumentals I could share as well if you are all interested. I know these are easier to fake, though.
  10. Could be, but it doesn't disprove that it's the actual acapella. Listen to the officially released "Over Again" acapella of the Post Traumatic EP (for example around 28 seconds). You can hear similar bleeding artifacts that come from the headphones that the singers use while recording the vocals. This is actually pretty common in official acapellas (but barely noticeable). Edit: I am not sure how well people were able to generate acapellas from instrumentals back in 2005. I still think it's from an official source, but maybe I'm wrong.
  11. I'd say the sound effect about 43 seconds in kind of disproves that unfortunately, though it's pretty well done
  12. Well, yes? I'm pretty sure it's the official acapella just that I don't remember where I got it from back in the day. Here it is: https://mega.nz/file/vXA0jZqY#fAwGtkAnHoQKKOut7xkKvwNp3SCQBTEUkrRo804OIfE
  13. This i was an interesting topic to follow. Its a pity it turned up to probably be fake. Personally I liked the sound of the snippet.
  14. I think you guys are right. I went and relistened to Petrified and the most damning line to me was "dancing back to the days" which fits the "gone back to the days" part of this snippet.
  15. I just found the acapella, 'cause I had the same idea and it would fit but what bothers me the most is, that the vocals on this snippet are treated differently I found the panic attack pronunciation fitting, even the notes fit but it seems that there is some voice editing like autotune or similar, making him sound older (no pitch correction just voice editing) I think it is Petrified chopped up, treated, so it sounds more like 2014 Mike and put on an instrumental track - none of these steps are difficult to do, by the way
  16. it's probably is Petrified lyrics and I have Petrified acapella
  17. The phrase "panic attack" being in there led me to think part of this came from Petrified, as it's the only time Mike's used that phrase in a song. There are two problems with this though: 1. There isn't a Petrified acapella in circulation. 2. The rhythm of the phrase "panic attack" is different than it is on Petrified (the first syllable of "panic" is held longer on Petrified). This still doesn't sound like anything real to me, but I'm convinced that it's Mike's voice at least, and I'm honestly stumped as to where it would have come from.
  18. I guess that makes sense. You are the third to tell me it could be a remix. Fort Minor isn't something I know too well but I do know Petrified. I don't think it is Petrified but I see how it is similar. But I think I am leaning more to remix with the rest of you all. Thank you so much for the help and input. This one really had me scratching my head.
  19. The rap in this "GATS demo" sounds like the bits of "Petrified" rap mixed together. The way Mike pronounces the words in "Petrified" is very characteristic and different than in any other song. It definitely reminds me of "Petrified" - that's why the lyrics doesn't make much sense. The beat is not very LPish too, I think, and it seems to be a fan-made demo in general.
  20. By the way, on which site did you first find this snippet?
  21. Ok, update: I did a bit of searching. Was not at all hard to find since I got the info to go on. I searched both "GATS Transformers," "Guilty All The Same Transformers," GATS demo," and "Guilty All The Same demo" in Google with quotations. My results yielded another snippet, the same one, but is thirteen seconds long instead of six and called Guilty All The Same demo 2014. No tags in the properties. The lyrics are the same and the beat carries on longer. It is also lesser quality as if someone recorded it with a phone. A lot quieter. I asked my brother to lend his ears for what Mike is singing. This is the variations we think we hear: "Move with might of the panic attack I like Down back to the days..." "Moon at night/panic attacked/I liked Gone back to what days...." "Move with mic/ the panic attacked I like Gone back to my days ...." So, I really don't what this is. Despite the name I am hesitant to say it is a GATS demo. I know it is something. An interesting thing my brother brought up is that if this is a demo it could just be Mike spitting out a beat to get a feel for the song or how he wants it sung. I know they have down similar methods before with MTM. So, that's all I got. I'll update with more if I find anything else. I'm gonna reupload for you all to listen to. Also, found a 2016 instrumental that I don't recognize along the way. I think that might be Riverline but y'all can listen to it and help with that too https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16k7nxcwNFaGaAvA1a4RBOUGscag9XOSf?usp=sharing
  22. I wonder why they stopped doing the Reanimation bridge, it created a fyxking amazing momentum
  23. Alex's song is turning out really well, imho! You can listen to its most recent state here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/878675336?t=01h21m47s
  24. Can I still find any existing traders? I know this scene is probably dead, but if anything here is my site: http://disxtomas.com/
  25. That entire summer tour stretch in Europe and Asia of 9 shows, Mike did it. Sadly it seems the only two recordings of it are Rock am Ring and Lisbon. It's a shame their full Download 2004 show was not recorded/released. On Projekt Revolution 2004, Jonathan didn't come out at the last show in Mountain View and thankfully there's a tremendous recording of that show. And then Brazil 2004, too. But there isn't a great quality version of it.
  26. Yep. Mike probably did it a few times that year but I haven't checked.
  27. you're correct.. (29) One Step Closer - Linkin Park (Rock Am Ring 2004) - YouTube this one, right?
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