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  2. One of the few Funko I actually want to own. I doubt it'll happen but a Meteora version would be cool, too. However, I feel that might not happen
  3. Wait, I have not been keeping up on my LP news. Rhinestone from the audition tape? When did this happen?
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  5. https://hottopic.me/35GCkZx it’s on Hot Topic as well.
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  7. Back in LP Store and bought it ! In general I'm not a huge fan of Funko Pop because of those weird ugly black eyes. But in this case it's ok ^^
  8. Thanks for the Amazon link! Pre-ordered! And after the HT20 nonsense, I might be better off than if I had ordered from LP.com
  9. these are both some pretty mid covers. Instrumental on OSC is pretty cool but grandson coulda done a lot better with the vocals. The ITE cover sounds like a YouTube cover, not a huge fan about how he delivered those verses either. Both artists definitely coulda been better on covers of different songs but it's pretty obvious why these two songs were chosen. If you guys thought these covers were bad, check out this disaster we found while trying to figure out what these covers were: https://open.spotify.com/album/7nPTvmqTpOLOikmsrWxSmE?si=K8xqPyKRQCOF9Nl2qHpUIQ I actually laughed out loud at By Myself lmao
  10. Both of my copies from the Super Deluxe and vinyl sets have the "!" marking on them as well.
  11. Did anyone find a European/German store that is selling it? Don't want to pay more for shipping than for the item itself...
  12. Can you send me a photo of the "!" please? I'll pass it to Warner with a question.
  13. I like the song that he did w Poppy, Fever is great
  14. Exactly. I think By Myself could've been a perfect fit for FEVER 333. I'm not sure about grandson, though. Runaway, maybe? The other problem I have is, I'm a huge fan of FEVER 333. Their 2019 album is one of my all-time favorites. Awesome live band, too. Very underrated. But now a lot of people are gonna recognize them based on this not really good cover song.
  15. Okay Okay Okay Okay, I know, that I had already made a post similar to this, but THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT, because I think i got scarily close to Brad's 1999 demo tone. Since my school closed down to a preety obvious reason that starts with a "C", i was bored out of my mind, and i was like "Hey, maybe i will finally do some research, you know, find some info about that rockingly amazing tone", nada, as i expected, so i took matters into my own hands and listened to stems of OSC, or Crawling, but again, i realised that if i wanted to REALLY discover "the tone" i had to dig deeper, right into the Xero/HT Era, i tweaked a few knobs and Bada-Boom Bada-Bing and i think its Very Very close, now unlike that idiotic theory i stated "He probs used guitar pedals", i found a purely Mesa/Boogie required tone, and with a few EQ Changes (Which probably were done originally to reduce sub and high frequencies anyway), so Here is a demo i've recorded. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13TwM19nFij577GxVFh8Z3aNtyx0yiqpG/view?usp=sharing The first part is the original recording of "Could Have Been", the 2nd part is my recording, and the 3rd thing is the chorus near the end which i've also recorded. Let me know if its close, or if it isnt. Im probably gonna search for that tone for a while, any bit of info helps.
  16. updated the main post with the link. thanks!
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Funko-Pop-Albums-Linkin-Hybrid/dp/B08CB7B89R/
  18. those songs go directly into the list of "biggest mistakes in LP's career", even tho they aren't made by LP.
  19. From the LP Store: "Celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of the Hybrid Theory album by showcasing this new Funko Pop! Album center stage of your music collection. Item comes with a Pop! and record artwork packaged together in a protective case. Vinyl figure is approximately 3.25-inches tall, album in case is approximately 9.15-inches tall." Pre-Order: LP Store (SOLD OUT) Walmart (SOLD OUT) Amazon (thanks to martinez for the link)
  20. Anyone got a reply back from them? All I've gotten was an automated email.
  21. They chose the wrong songs for them Fever has the potential to go all out in a heavy song Grandson would have sounded good on Papercut 5/10 Cringefest
  22. Ugh that OSC cover. Appreciate the effort but ehhhh 6/10 at best. Wtf with the dubstep ? Fever 333... the rapping. Ugh. Ok
  23. Guess I’m on the opposite boat as everyone. I really liked Fever’s cover of ITE, but OSC was pretty bad. To be fair, I’m not much of a fan of Grandson’s music so just not my taste in general
  24. Why only Spotify??? what about  music???
  25. grandson singing is very very amateur. Don't like it at all, can't even say it's singing. The instrumental is nice. fever 333 instrumental is almost identical, sounds like a generic youtube cover. meh. now thinking again, i'm glad they didn't make a HT cover album.
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