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  2. Thank you SOOOOOO MUCHHHHH. Best live year of the band, ever. EDIT: Currently playing now. OMG the quality is great. Probably going to end up being my favorite PR04 show next to Somerset. And I just read the show notes. Wow. Morning After chorus? Solo after Wish? And Bert on Faint. Jonathan on OSC (less rare but still epic). OMG. This is the greatest thing to come out since the DBS demos and this is probably better. I love PR04. Thank you so much Felipe for sharing this. You are really an epic member of this site.
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  4. Not sure about Meteora, but I know for a fact the Hybrid Theory instrumentals we have didn't come from a CD; and like some of the Minutes To Midnight "instrumentals", the "instrumental version" of One Step Closer in circulation was created with the multitracks.
  5. Thank you for bringing this to us Felipe, I can't wait to have a listen while I'm studying today. Do you know whether they're going to make this available to download, or release the seperate sources?
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  7. That's fucking awesome. It's very rare to have "proper" DSP's from 2000-2006.
  8. WOW!!!!!! What an unexpected surprise! The fact that it’s an IEM too!!!
  9. Hey there! Today I got surprised by a friend who pointed me to a person who recorded a pretty rare and unreleased Linkin Park recording from their Projekt Revolution Tour 2004. It's not a secret that every single recording from that tour is a treasure and today I am happy to forward everyone to his YouTube channel and give a listen to this amazing recording. The show was recorded by two sources separately, one recorded by Carl who recorded the whole set from the audience and one recorded by Brian, which is Chester's IEM (in ear monitor recording). Brian mixed both of the sources and it sounds incredible Setlist: 01. Don't Stay 02. Lying From You 03. Papercut 04. Points Of Authority 05. With You 06. Runaway 07. Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down 08. Somewhere I Belong 09. Figure.09 10. From The Inside 11. Breaking The Habit 12. Numb 13. Faint 14. In The End 15. A Place For My Head 16. Crawling 17. Wish 18. One Step Closer (w/ Jonathan Davis) Thank you to both guys for taping it.
  10. Both the Meteora and the Hybrid Theory Instrumentals came from Promo CDs. No one hears them because they're really not for the public to hear - they're mostly sent to radio stations and what not for promotional use.
  11. & at the start of the month, we got this tweet from Kiiara as well. Lots to come . . .
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  13. Dudes... http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=One_More_Light_Live#Writing_and_Recording
  14. My bad. That would be cool if someone could post the final list.
  15. Sopron has What I've Done listed on the show page. Can someone post the final version we all came up with of the tracks being from which date, etc?
  16. Cool info. Been waiting for some kind of info on this track. Hmm.
  17. I remember Mike saying during an interview last year that he wanted to focus on producing for other artists in the future. I wonder if this is one of those cases. Maybe not, could be a collab, or even a collab and also a track he is producing at the same time. Endless possibilities, really.
  18. In a February 2019 interview to Rock Sound, Taka from One Ok Rock revealed he had started working with Mike and Steve Aoki on new music following their 2018 performance at Summer Sonic. Today, May 22nd, Steve Aoki posted several pictures of himself and Mike working together at Aoki's Playhouse, his residency in Las Vegas. Aoki is currently working on his album "Neon Future IV" and captioned his photo with Mike, "Neon Future Cave Sessions ft Mike Shinoda." This comes months after Mike has publicly said several times that he's been working on a lot of collaborations with other artists behind the scenes, including grandson and K.Flay... but he indicated he is producing a good bit of that music. We all are familiar with Steve Aoki, of course, from the collaborations "A Light That Never Comes" and "Darker Than Blood", along with his beautiful remix in tribute of Chester. Steve has been performing his remix live since mid-2017, and joined Linkin Park at their Hollywood Bowl performance that October. Stay tuned as we should see collaborations with Mike released all throughout 2019 since these other artists are preparing to finish their albums and release them.
  19. Just because no one heard them, it doesn't mean they don't exist.
  20. I doubt there's any instrumental version of Recharged, as example. But I'm 100% convinced that there's an instrumental version of Mike's remix of LOATR (the 2009-10 LPTV intro had it).
  21. As far as song info goes, this is mostly conjecture/connecting-the-dots type stuff, but I can offer the following: -At least some of the guitar on this song is in drop C tuning, which is completely out of character for anything Mike and/or Brad would have been doing in 2016. -Chester's definitely not on the song, but a lot of the higher background vocals don't really sound like Mike. -Brian Howes, the previously-mentioned writer of the song, was the lead singer/guitarist of the band Closure years ago, they had a somewhat successful single in "Look Out Below" back in 2003: Putting all that together, my assumption is that Brian is playing at least some of the guitar and singing background vocals on the recording. Also, the second to last line of the chorus should be "unless you've got your word," not "unless you've got your worth." I haven't seen anyone get that right. The first line of the song might also be "day, night" instead of "daylight," I'm not totally sure.
  22. Im not defending the leak really. I understand all the reasons that a leak hurts the band and the label. What I'm saying is, shit happens, it happened this one time, trying to erase from the fans minds that the song ever leaked isnt helping, thats all Im saying. Otherwise I completely understand everyone's stand in this, just saying that this anger the fans for no reason really. No matter how hard they try to erase the song's existance we won't forget it so it just doesnt help.
  23. They will probably release demos again once they have decided what LP's future will be. If they are not ready to release new/old music then it's their call. I feel like there's a high chance that LP will release some demos within LPU in the next couple years.
  24. I would love a b-side compilation from Linkin Park. I think that would be the perfect thing to put out right now during this period of silence. Sure some people would see it as a cash grab but those people are gonna complain about anything the band does post-Chester anyway. Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands and Chester is one of my favorite musicians and I'd love to hear some more of what they put together.
  25. No problem. Thanks for sharing this btw @LPLStaff
  26. Why haven't LP released a B-Side album yet like The Used did with Shallow Believer in 2008? They could give us like a 21 song CD of B-Sides from all albums and make an album out of it. But no they won't do anything like that. Fans want to hear unreleased stuff. I guarantee each of the 7 albums had at least 3 complete B-Side songs. B-Side as in full songs like ATL. Chester said during an interview in 2017 that he has listened to thousands of LP demos. That means they have a lot and there is easily at least 3 complete songs per album. I'm not saying they should give us it all. But maybe 3 for each album would be fine and fans would love it. I know that I would personally buy multiple copies. If they took 3 B-Sides from each of the 7 albums, we could have a nice 21 track B-Side album that would shut fans up forever about unreleased stuff. The band are healing and it will take time, I understand that. But why not give fans something like this in the mean time? I think it would be really cool and right now is the best time to do it, if they ever are going to do it. It's been almost 2 years, I don't think people would view it as a cash grab. It's a reason to celebrate the band's legacy and Chester, too. Make it a proper release, with a CD, maybe a vinyl, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. I would buy multiple copies, like I said, and I think a lot of other fans would, too. They could even donate profits to MFR or the OML fund (if that's still a thing). Hell, even 320.
  27. Here: http://cdn48.castfire.com/audio/311/5230/31053/3639275/3639275_2019-05-14-005515-4057-0-4-7.96.mp3?cdn_id=48&uuid=a171bf025057b949e274c6e033277122&referer=https%3A%2F%2Fpodcasts.apple.com%2Fus%2Fpodcast%2Flife-after-suicide%2Fid1460022071&wuuid=5ce56131a009d9252f6c409adc10c4cf6fb074b086f3b144
  28. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/life-after-suicide/id1460022071
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