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  2. All it takes to bring the nu-metal heads out from the shadows is one Steve Aoki song...
  3. I found none of them in the Folder not even with the names swapped
  4. I’ve got it, not nearly as good as the original or the new non-acoustic version
  5. Yesterday
  6. My last comment was even more sarcastic than the previous one.
  7. Was CC cringeworthy in your opinion? Or are you talking about live tour mashups later on?
  8. I want the cool badass Nü Metal studio version of Heavy released. That would be better than everything they've been doing since Jay-Z made them lose their passion by doing cringeworthy mash-ups.
  9. It's my favorite Pop Metal song right after Rob Zombie's Dragula.
  10. it's a TV track i think its for TV Promo correct me if I'm wrong?
  11. My bad, no we don't have that one. We have the separated stems from Rock Band (guitar + vocals + everything else), but not from the studio itself.
  12. Hey man. How are you? i hope so! can you please, re-up the link from the 1994 grey daze mp3?

    cheers from Brazil!

    Thank you!

  13. Well I mean despite how it is released, this is actually Mike's song with Steve Aoki because Mike wrote the song and then sent it to Steve. I know how it's released is Steve featuring Mike, because sometimes that's how it works when it's released by another artists. Look at Martin Garrix, that's really Linkin Park (Mike, Chester, Brad, Joe, etc) featuring Martin Garrix but was released as Martin Garrix featuring Mike. Very technical I know but I just wanted to point out that this is Mike's song. I think upon first listen the track falls between ALTNC and DTB for me. I didn't like either song for years until I saw ALTNC at the Hollywood Bowl and thought it was an absolute jam.
  14. Wow i didnt know this is OML album thread (the same about of shit posts)
  15. What is the "The Catalyst_TV_01" thing? sound like the full song
  16. Another shit song. LP with Aoki sucked, Aoki with Mike will suck too. They should release "Thoughts That Take Away My Pride" and not those shits.
  17. There he is. I figured it was only a matter of time before you said something stupid and untrue.
  18. Cool that there is a small part of the LPU version of Robot Boy in the Jornada del Muerto stuff! It sounds like a bit of a rougher mixdown with less processing especially on the background vocals.
  19. Let me know: is the first part of the piano repeated over the entire track or does it change?
  20. I didn't saw "The Messenger" multi, they are out there too?
  21. Huh. Actually admitting Mike has talent is a pretty progressive opinion coming from you, considering I can think of maybe two cases of you liking anything the man's done in the last decade.
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