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  2. It's much cheaper + they need much less space in the box.
  3. I thought the CDs and DVDs were digipacks, but they're just sleeves. Glad the CD purchase are getting a proper case.
  4. I don't think so myself but we can only hope we get atleast a live show on DVD or CD in the future. As for more unreleased demos from the xero era mabey something in the vein of nirvana's with the lights out boxset spanning the whole of the bands career may be an option in the future. One can only wish tho and believe me I'm more than happy with what we've got in this set
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  6. I saw on Linkinpedia that the LPU12 version dates from January 7, 2000. It would be weird, in my opinion, if there wasn´t a version of "Rhinestone" with Chester, prior to January 7, 2000. I think there´s quite the possibility that the version we will get has Chester on vocals. We will also getting "Stick N Move" and Mike didn´t referenced that it has Mark´s vocals
  7. The thought process there is that there is almost certainly only one version of any professionally-recorded song with Mark, and a version of Rhinestone that matches this criteria was found on the Zomba New Music Sampler 1999 in January of this year. The track times are almost the same (3:44 on the sampler vs. 3:40 on HT20), so it should be the same version. I think the LPU12 version is the earliest known version with Chester, and it's the only Chester demo of the song we have besides the Studio Finals version.
  8. This is your Xero box set I don't think that they'll continue releasing more HT stuff This is the end of that cycle.
  9. What does make you confident that its going to be Mark on vocals? And another question: what is the earliest version of "Rhinestone" with Chester on vocals? Is it the LPU12 version?
  10. I'm confident that it's Mark on vocals on Rhinestone as well and Mike either forgot about it or was thinking of the LPU demo version.
  11. hmm, i guess we will see on release date. Anyway, thanks man.
  12. i meant to say is rhinestone with Mark Wakefield getting officially released by Linkin Park?
  13. You have the xero demo tape version and the zomba music version with better quality available. An early version with Chesters´s vocals is more interesting
  14. Lmfao the way he just throws the CDs after he shows them. Epic shit on the Mark demos!!!!
  15. wait, so no Rhinestone with Mark Wakefield?
  16. oh wait, I just understood now ahahahah. Mike said "Rhinestone" when he wanted to say "Esual" XD
  17. Mike seemed to hint at stuff being available outside the box on the initial stream when "She Couldn't" came out. I don't know if that would be an iTunes thing or a YouTube type thing. One thing I hope is that any video stuff that might get released outside the box take advantage of being HD, where possible. There's been HD rebroadcasts of Rock am Ring, but I think 60% of media sales are still DVD versus BluRay (I still know people who can't play them) and probably would keep the cost of the box down. Digital's a little easier in dealing with that. The fact that the ATS documentary just got uploaded in 1080 makes me a little more optimistic for that possibility. Also seems like the HTEP is etched on the B-side and features the old HT logo, but I'm worried about how 28 minutes of music on one side of vinyl is gonna translate without being edited.
  18. He said that tracks 1, 5 and 7 have Mark´s vocals. Track 1 is "Dialate", track 5 is "Reading My Eyes" and track 7 is "Esaul".
  19. He said "Rhinestone", not "Esaul".
  20. There´s that possibility! 16 days until October 9th, then we will know
  21. Fingers still crossed that the DVD's are somehow available for purchase outside of the box set. They're the only thing I want, but I can't drop $200
  22. Do you think we'll ever get a Xero Boxset
  23. Honestly one of the things about this box that has me the most excited are the DVDs, especially the Frat Party sequel.
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