Below, we have compiled a few statistics for Linkin Park's touring and live performances over the years as well as the LPLive site database. Note that you can't take all statistics at face value, for example it appears that there are more shows in London than Hollywood. Linkin Park has obviously played many more shows across the LA area (West Hollywood, North Hollywood, etc) than they have in London by at least more than double.

Touring stats: (Countries/States/Cities are updated automatically.)

Most Played Countries* (top 10):
United States (577)
Germany (65)
England (50)
Japan (31)
Australia (29)
Canada (27)
France (18)
Austria (11)
Brazil (9)
Russia (9)
Most Played US States* (top 10):
California (144)
Texas (35)
New York (33)
Florida (27)
Ohio (24)
Arizona (22)
Pennsylvania (20)
Nevada (19)
Michigan (18)
New Jersey (17)
Most Played Cities* (top 10):
Los Angeles, California (29)
London, England (27)
West Hollywood, California (19)
Las Vegas, Nevada (19)
New York City, New York (16)
Dallas, Texas (13)
Phoenix, Arizona (12)
Berlin, Berlin (12)
Paris, Īle-de-France (11)
Atlanta, Georgia (10)

Unplayed US States:
North Dakota
West Virginia
Most Played Venues* (7 and 6 shows only):
Jones Beach Theater (7) - Wantagh, NY
BB&T Pavilion (7) - Camden, NJ
Xfinity Center (7) - Mansfield, MA
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (6) - Woodlands, TX
Gibson Amphitheatre (6) - Universal City, CA
Jiffy Lube Live (6) - Bristow, VA​ (excluding LPU 2012 rehearsal)
O2 Arena (6) - London, ENG
PNC Bank Arts Center (6) - Holmdel, NJ
Rod Laver Arena (6) - Melbourne, VIC
Shoreline Amphitheatre (6) - Mountain View, CA
The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel (6) - Las Vegas, NV
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (6) - Tinley Park, IL
Verizon Wireless Music Center (6) - Noblesville, IN

* excluding canceled shows

Biggest crowd (festival): ~90,000 (2008.06.07 Lisboa, Portugal - Rock in Rio Lisboa III)
Biggest crowd (headline show): 65,300+ (2012.11.10 Johannesburg, South Africa)
Biggest crowd ever: estimated 750,000+ to 1,000,000+ (2005.07.02 - Philadelphia, PA - Live 8)

Most Shows Per Year: 2001 (176)
Least Shows Per Year: 2016 (0), 2005 (2)
Most Shows Per Touring Cycle: Hybrid Theory, 2000-2002 (285)
Least Shows Per Touring Cycle: One More Light, 2017 (28), Living Things, 2012-2013 (74)

Song stats:

Albums Played Live:

Xero: 1 of 4 (Reading My Eyes)
Hybrid Theory EP: 2 of 6 (Step Up, And One)
Hybrid Theory: 12 of 12
Reanimation: 2 of 20 (Frgt/10, P5hng Me A*wy)
Meteora: 13 of 13
Collision Course: 6 of 6
Minutes To Midnight: 12 of 12
A Thousand Suns: 14 of 15 (Robot Boy played partially)
Living Things: 8 of 12 (Lost In The Echo, In My Remains, Burn It Down, Lies Greed Misery, Castle Of Glass, Victimized, Roads Untraveled, Tinfoil)
The Hunting Party: 6 of 12 (Guilty All The Same, Wastelands, Until It's Gone, Rebellion, Final Masquerade, A Line In The Sand)
One More Light: 8 of 10 (Nobody Can Save Me, Good Goodbye, Talking To Myself, Battle Symphony, Invisible, Heavy, One More Light, Sharp Edges)

Top 25 Songs Played Live:
In The End: 862
One Step Closer: 858
Papercut: 770
Points Of Authority: 689
Crawling: 654
Faint: 595
Numb: 562
Runaway: 520
With You: 519
What I've Done: 500
A Place For My Head: 487
Bleed It Out: 430
Breaking The Habit: 428
Somewhere I Belong: 423
Given Up: 390
Lying From You: 385
From The Inside: 344
By Myself: 281
New Divide: 283
Waiting For The End: 259
Pushing Me Away: 246
No More Sorrow: 246
Forgotten: 212
Shadow Of The Day: 203

Last Updated: December 2017
*Note: LPLive has setlists for every Linkin Park show from 2005 to present day, meaning all songs written from the Minutes To Midnight era to now are 100% accurate. For the Meteora touring cycle, there is about a +/- 3 on those counts maximum, due to us missing some setlists in 2003 and 2004. It is most likely accurate, but the band did drop a song here or there sometimes (example: Long Beach 2004, Nashville 2004), so there is a slight disclaimer with Meteora.

For the Hybrid Theory touring cycle, there is a +/- of at least 5 to 8 due to a lot of setlists missing from 2000, 2001, and 2002. There is no way to ever accurately get the EXACT number of times the Hybrid Theory songs were performed live. To calculate these numbers, we took the number of confirmed times a song was played live and added it to the estimated times a song was played live.

The estimates come from us assuming tour setlists stayed the same, which they did for the most part. The biggest +/- margins for Hybrid Theory will come with By Myself, Forgotten, and Pushing Me Away (also And One from the Hybrid Theory EP) due to the 2000 setlists changing sometimes mid-tour and the band changing the setlists a good bit in 2001, most notable on Ozzfest's off days at OFFEST events. Our guesses were most certainly educated guesses, not blind stabs at show setlists. However, the 5 singles atop the list are most likely quite accurate since they were played at almost every Hybrid Theory and Meteora touring cycle show (Crawling starting in 2001, the others before the name change from the band Hybrid Theory to Linkin Park even happened). As mentioned above, counts starting in 2005 and continuing to present day are 100% accurate.

This list was composed due to incorrectly showing the number of times a song was performed live. Our count is much more precise and with a much smaller margin of error for songs in the top 25 list.

Database stats:

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  2017.05.06 Buenos Aires, AR (16986)
  2017.07.06 Birmingham, ENG (13533)
  2014.08.15 Camden, NJ (11294)
  1997.11.14 West Hollywood, CA (10865)
  2017.06.17 Monza, IT (10471)
  2008.06.29 Milton Keynes, ENG (10467)
  2014.05.30 Lisboa, PT (10303)

Linkin Park shows: 954
*Note: These are how many shows are in our database, not how many shows the band has played. For example, canceled and rescheduled shows are included. The overall count is around 140~ more than the total amount of shows the band has actually played.
Total shows: 1989

Shows with setlist: 1308
Shows with photos: 1015
Shows with ticket stubs: 685

Gallery stats:

Albums: 1190
Total images: 7609
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Mike made an appearance on the Wake Up Show in 2002, where he took part in a rap battle with Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples. During the battle, he rapped both verses from "Dedicated," the first time that song had been unveiled in any form, as well as another verse that he had written years beforehand, which was never used in a song.

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