Mike Shinoda Live - 2007.08.17

August 17, 2007
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio  United States
Blossom Music Center
Venue Type: 
Projekt Revolution Tour
Performing Act: 
Styles Of Beyond
Revolution Stage
Show #: 
1 of 9

Setlist: Notes:
xx. Remember The Name w/ Mike Shinoda
xx. Second To None w/ Mike Shinoda
Show Notes:
- During Styles Of Beyond's set, Mike came out for 'Remember The Name' and for 'Second To None'.
- This is the first known time that Mike joined Styles Of Beyond for 'Remember The Name' and 'Second To None' on the tour. Styles Of Beyond did not join the tour until somewhere around this show. It is possible that Mike joined them a few shows before this as we are unsure of the exact date that Styles Of Beyond began the tour.
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