Linkin Park Live - 2001.05.04

May 04, 2001
West Melbourne, Victoria  Australia
Festival Hall
Venue Type: 
Music/Concert Hall
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US-to-Europe Tour
Show #: 
9 of 21
Other Bands: 
Sunk Loto, 1200 Techniques

Setlist: Notes:
01. With You
02. Runaway
03. Papercut w/ Pre-Song Falling Down Interlude
04. By Myself
05. Points Of Authority
06. High Voltage Mike Shinoda Remix
07. Crawling Ambient Intro (SHORT Interlude)
08. Pushing Me Away
09. And One Short Live Version; Wind Intro
10. In The End Vocal Ending
11. A Place For My Head
12. Forgotten 2000 Beat Intro; Ext. Bridge
13. One Step Closer
Other Notes:
- Up to this point in their touring career, this was the largest headlining show the band had ever played.
- This is the first confirmed show that the band had an encore break at. It is possible that the Sydney show two days prior had one as well, but that is unconfirmed.
Tour Diary:
5/04/01: YO
okay, so the australian shows have been banannas. i think it's safe to say a show has gone well when the kids leave behind them a BROKEN CLUB FLOOR. when everyone cleared out of the enmore theatre in sydney, there was a 20-foot circle where the floor had been smashed down about 18 lower than where it was supposed to be. the crowd was so out of hand that they broke the floor. and tonight in melbourne, we had the biggest turnout that we've had on a headlining show. we can't wait to see what happens in brisbane.

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