Linkin Park Live - 2001.03.01

March 01, 2001
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid  Spain
La Riviera
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Deftones' 'Back To School' Tour
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1 of 19
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Deftones, *, Taproot

Setlist: Notes:
01. With You
02. Runaway
03. Papercut w/ Pre-Song Falling Down Interlude
04. By Myself
05. Points Of Authority
06. Crawling Ambient Intro (SHORT Interlude)
07. In The End Vocal Ending
08. A Place For My Head
09. Forgotten 2000 Beat Intro; Ext. Bridge
10. One Step Closer
Other Notes:
- This was Linkin Park's first show in Spain.
- Before this show, Deftones played two shows in Portugal to start the tour:
2001.02.26 Lisboa, Portugal, Coliseum
2001.02.27 Oporto, Portugal, Coliseum
Older Linkin Park fansites (pre-LPLive) listed these shows as being canceled due to passport issues with Linkin Park. In March 2016 with the discovery of a tour itinerary from this tour, we can confirm that this is not the case. Linkin Park was not scheduled to ever play these shows. Instead, the Street Soldiers' Tour ended on February 24th, and Linkin Park left the U.S. three days later on February 27th for Madrid, where they started the tour. The reason for this is because the band was in Los Angeles to shoot the music video for 'Crawling'.
Show Stats:
28th played in 2001
116th played for Hybrid Theory Tour
1st played in Madrid
1st played in Spain
Tour Diary:
3/04/01: SPAIN, FRANCE
what's up, peoples!? so we're out here in montpellier, france right now; we just finished three dates in madrid, san sebastian, and barcelona. please excuse any typing errors, as french keyboards are vastly different from the ones i'm used to. anyway, the shows have been going great, and we hope all the people wathcing are having as much fun as we's interesting: mentally, we have to backtrack, and get used to playing in front of people who haven't heard us before. the album hasn't been out for very long out here, and not that many people are familiar with the songs (or the english language either, for that matter). so it's been a fun challenge to play extra hard, and hopefully we'll have some video footage for you to see someday. i love hearing people sing our songs with heavy accents.
french food is for the experienced...i have a hard time finding places i can eat at. it's all good though. we haven't gambled on this tour yet. but we have hung out with the deftones and taproot. lucky we haven't gambled with them, becuase i know none of us or taproot could hang if stephan bet his rolex on a hand of cards. word.

Source 1: Audio - AUD (MD: Sony ECM-DS70P > Sony MZ-R37)
Taper: Yngwiedavid
Time: 35:46 mins
Format: FLAC / 249 MB
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Comments: This show was uncirculated until it appeared on DIME in July 2006 from a guy who got it in a trade back in 2001.

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