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Full Version: Warner Music Comes Back to YouTube
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It seems like Warner and YouTube have worked things out and Warner artists are coming back to YouTube! This means LP!

"Music Licensing: It's complicated. Let's face it. But today all of that is beside the point: we are happy to announce that Warner Music Group (WMG)'s artists are returning home to YouTube. Under this new, multi-year global agreement, you will be able to discover, watch and share Warner music on the site. The partnership covers the full Warner catalog and includes user-generated content containing WMG acts.

With Warner on board, we now have artists from all four of the major music labels & publishers together with hundreds of indie labels and publishers on our platform. Warner will also be able to sell their own ad inventory and will use our Content ID technology to claim and monetize user-generated videos uploaded to YouTube by Warner Music fans. The partnership is based on a revenue share generated from the ads on the videos, and this makes good business sense for everyone involved: artists and labels can make money from their videos and the YouTube community gets to enjoy them.

But enough talk... let's get back to the rock. Warner's videos will begin appearing on YouTube in the near future."

-Chris Maxcy, Director of YouTube Partner Development

Source here.

What to say? Finally!
Wow, assuming this is true which I believe it is, this is the greatest news I've heard in a while. Perhaps I'll be able to get Youtube to put one of my videos back up which was disabled because of WMG complaints.
Finally...Warner has sent me messages and removed the audio for one of my vids once.
Now will YouTube replace all the soundtracks that they pulled cause Warner bitched in the first place?
wtf....a few days ago they removed a vid from me ^^
About time too.

it was terrible for bands like LP, Muse & Shinedown to have most of their videos pulled down BY THEIR ON LABEL! what benefit would WBR ever get by doing that?

Now its all settled and whatnot, I'm curious to know whether I can reupload some of my videos with WBR music. or would they still not give me permission? probably not...

Great, about two weeks ago I lost my channel because of uploading my LP remixes -.-
About Time....
Awesome, about time. smile.gif
QUOTE (zwieR.Z. @ Sep 30 2009, 12:12 AM) *
Great, about two weeks ago I lost my channel because of uploading my LP remixes -.-

you work is resky
you should try , dailymotion or somthing like that
Wow!! this is good to hear today biggrin.gif

now I'd find some LP instrumentals restricted before...
yes finally i can change the name of my videos and put my others up.
My hatred of Warner has receded (sp?) a bit now.
It's about time. Seriously.
Their initial reasoning was "We lose money!" and I call BS on that.
I preview what I want on youtube.
Convenient place, and good for business.

But, hey, it's over now.
Its about time both party's pulled their heads out of their ass.

(My 2 cents)
Not going to rant about how stupid Warner has been, I'm just happy its back! laugh.gif
Awesome! even though people still had lp material all over youtube even during these crappy few months.
Bumping this just to inform people that as of today, WMG is still removing videos that contain their music, despite the new licensing agreement claiming that it supports "user-generated videos containing WMG content." Fuck them. I just love how industry giants can get away with things such as blatant breach of contract.
It means that only bands associated with the label have the right to post their own music? Other YouTubers are not allowed to post WMG labelled songs? It would be preposterous.
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